ILGM Customer Experience


Thought I would drop in and say I’ve had 100% success with deliveries through ILGM! Couldn’t be more happy. I’ve placed 7 orders with them since being a member and won a Bud of the Month contest in which I received a free shipment. The free seeds took the longest to arrive, I think I waited about 20 days or so but this could have been because of delays in shipping. All my paid orders arrive in 10 days every time. For refrence I’m in east coast US. Thanks again ILGM staff! Keep up the awesome work.


Any update on your order? @Mudcrab01


Hi nothing has yet arrived and it was ordered on 02 December 2017.




Hey Steve,
Did you receive an email that your order shipped? On what date was that?

Also what country are you in?


Sorry I am in Queensland, Australia


@Mudcrab01 did u pay the extra money for the guarantee to Australia? If im correct, yalls customs ovrr there is a lot harder and its one of the countries that ILGM cannot guarantee delivery unless ypu pay the extra fee


Yes I did my order details should contain all that.


Yes I did have the emails ect


@Mudcrab01 your post with the details was deleted


Ok @Mudcrab01 on what date was your order shipped? If you paid for the guaranteed shipping then don’t worry. I recently read that it can take up to 5 weeks for seeds to reach Aus

We don’t work for ilgm. The forum is sponsored by ilgm but we are just other growers trying to help you out.


Yes sorting it with ILGM now.
Yes and I paid it.


They are sending a reshipment not sure where the first lot got to? Just waiting for confirmation of the reship being send to start waiting again :blush:


I know the wait is excruciating, but well worth it @Mudcrab01


Exactly patience is key, just keen to get them and put them in :blush: hopefully this shipment makes it.


I’m with you on that for sure! Too bad you didn’t have any bag seeds for now. @Mudcrab01


Holding out hope that in 25 business days will have a Platinum Pack


I’m with you 100% are you going to do a grow journal? Are you a new grower? Are you interested in doing a new topic and we can go over your setup to make sure you have everything set to go? @Mudcrab01


Not a new grower at all but has been around five years since last grow. Growing out doors in pots within a greenhouse for privacy, security and smell when the time comes. Going to use supplemental lighting and going to go scrog them as I will be using 36 gallon pots.

I am pretty happy that have managed to work on a soil configuration to a level Inam happy with and that has been proven to be very effective in the past, and even now with veggies where all plants seem to be about 4 weeks ahead of their intended grow rates. I will be using a mixture of seasol and Manutec products for nutes.

Not sure about a grow log as I grow many other plants also for using in landscaping have around 500 at the moment so after tending to plants in the morning and evening with work all day not much time left for writting. That said could do a photo log.


Can I get your order confirmation#? Did you pay the extra fee to guarantee shipment?

I am going to tag the sales support team for you. They are the company’s contact for all orders.

We are cultivation support here in the forum.

Let me pass you on the appropriate support group. :wink:


Roy, Could you please post the direct email to sales support.

Thanks, Roger


They have already reshipped, everything was in place. Just need to wait now for the reship to arrive.