ILGM Customer Experience


Yeah… received my second order. 10 + 10 WW feminized… and 10 WW regular.
So far, two orders and no issues… loving ILGM.


I have used many different seed stores and I am compelled to say that ILGM seeds are the best I have ever used. They all germinated well. The plants grew strong and resistant to diseases. From now on I will only use your seeds. You have a customer for life.


I can’t recommend ILGM enough, the seeds were amazing and Claire the and service are second to none. I live in Australia we have some of the hardest customs laws on the planet and they got them to me and in a timely manner…brilliant


Some time ago I ordered 10 WW and they arrived in about 7 days. Then ordered the fruity Mix pack with 15 seeds and got those in about 8 days. Then I realized I had a hell of a lot more seeds than I needed. I’ve been keeping them in the fridge and just started my 3rd grow and so far I’m 12 of 12 or 100% germinated. But there getting older and I still have enough for 3 more grows. ILGM is great and the people on the forum are as good as it gets. I’m having a blast learning and doing this.


Awesome @kartch, thanks and enjoy the ladies!


Hello and thank you for the great service, had problem with seeds and was quickly shiped new seeds.


My Afghan plats were harvested with a ton of seeds! Regular and those little white ones.
No stress flower room completely dark at night filtered air and water FF soil and Nutrients. Good temps.
I can only surmise bad genetics. i won’t be buying any more seeds from ilgm.


Sorry you feel that way, I know of at least 2 other members that have grown the ilgm Afghan. And neither one of their’s produced seeds,so can we honestly say that it’s the genetics?


If 1 has seeds, they all will… Odds are one of them went hermie on you and pollinized the others… Usually grower error when a plant hermies…


This is my second purchase from ILGM,
so obviously I’m very pleased.
Their product is great, prices are fair,
but most importantly- their customer service is second to none.
I have been dealing with Becky & she is a gem, went the extra mile for me.
Thank you Becky


I’m very please to hear that @billyG, thank you for sharing.


The genetics of everything i have got from them has been above an beyond satisfactory


Papajim here and just wanted to say ILGM and Becky are the best at customer service.
In the beginning I was having problems with ILGM accepting my card, however Becky did an outstanding job working with me and resolved the issue. Now Just waiting for my product.
Thank you so much for all of your help Becky, and I have and will continue to recomend you and ILGM.


Thanks @papajim! I’ll relay the message to Becky, she loves compliments :laughing:


100% positive experience with ILGM seed order was super simple. Delivery took 9 days to the US 8 if you don’t count 4th of July


Best seeds, every one germinates and was exactly as advertised. Any problems, no problem. No forms to fill out, no stupid questions asked, no delays they send you replacements ASAP. I’m a very new n small grower (4-6 plants per year) and I receive the same service as others who have larger grows.
You can’t beat the free advice from their forum by other growers who have decades of grow experience. No question too small or silly, you get treated with respect until you get it. For me it takes a whike, lol.
Their affordable members “Bertram’s Lab” is un beatable. I will never buy seeds or grow products from anyone else. As happy today as I was 2 years ago when I first started growing with their seeds.


Awesome service. My shipment arrived in only 10 days. Everything looks good. No problems at all with delivery. Great experience. I’ll be placing 2nd order soon. :heart:


Sorry but they do not gaurantee deliver, didn’t receive my order was offered 20% of my next order. Disgusted with this company and their refusal to stand behind their gaurantee.


My beans arrived in 12 days. I notified customer service that 1 seed was crushed in delivery. They PROMPTLY sent a replacement. Just passing on my experience. :sunglasses:


are you sure it was here that you ordered from? My first order got lost in shipping and after a waiting period the order was reshipped…got it about 10 days after the reship… I have never heard of ILGM not honoring their guarantee