ILGM Customer Experience


yes i would like to say i orderd mine and i got them alot quicker than i had thought i will be visiting again thank…thadude ans i would give the service 5 stars


Wanted to say thanks for the speedy service. I was really quite surprised. I live in the U.S. I ordered Super Skunk seeds on Feb.13, on Feb 14 got message saying bank refused payment. I expected it, because they did the same thing last year, when I ordered. This time I called my bank and had it cleared. On Feb15, the charge was cleared and my order accepted. I received my seeds yesterday, Feb23. Absolutely amazed! Keep up the good work Robert, and all the staff, at ILGM. I will be ordering again.


Nice to see another Alaskan on here. Also my order shipped free,yours didn’t?


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@Gertie_Garters nice to see you too . and no i usually have sent standard .lol where you at in ak??

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Ordered two batches of seeds-- one of ten White Widows before Christmas and one of five OG Kush a few weeks ago. Both arrived quickly without incident.

All fifteen sprouted in 48 hours or less! Got them into dirt two days ago, and nearly all of them are already up!

It will be an outside grow, so I won’t know too much more until August… Will report back then.

Thanks, guys!


Hi i just recently ordered the Patriot mix c 15 seeds I started 9 of them using the water germination technic but only ended up with 6 seedlings I’m not disappointed but I wanted let you guys know where I was at with my operation I still have 6 seeds that I’m waiting until later to start anyway the 6 that did pop I have under a mars reflector 144 and they are doing great


Sorry to hear they didn’t all pop up yet Garth. Be sure to contact our cusomer support if you want help with this.


thanks for getting back to me I’m planning to go to customer
support since I still have 6 seeds I haven’t started should I wait
to see the ratio of all 15 or let them know now that 3 were duds I
hadn’t planned to germinate these 6 until the first ones are almost
done flowering


Seeds arrived almost two weeks before the rest of the starter kit. All have arrived now… Sweet.

Just ordered some more


Ok guys an gals i just wanted to say i was a lil sceptical at first but WOW!!! The customer support was top notch​:grinning:, an was very happy with everything. I ordered on april 6 an received the 22nd. This will DEF be the #1 place i look to order strains first. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Know off to the races​:v::sunglasses:


We are glad to hear that everything arrived


Thanks for sharing. It is always nice to see a happy :smiley: customer


My order arrived in eleven business days And it clearly showed they treat their things with great care against moisture and damage. Not to mention the discounted things offer just before finalizing the purchase. Thanks!


I ordered the Calif Dream and it did not come the first time. I contacted the support staff and they got a replacement out right away. Received it two weeks after shipping date. Thanks Becky for helping out so fast.

Now am waiting to get some of them in the soil and start growing again. I was not worried, Robert’s staff is great and always take care of you. Jerry


I bought seeds several times from ILGM site and have had seeds confiscated at JFK CBP (Canadian Border Patrol) once and NO problems. I was sent an official form showing the seeds were taken and destroyed. OK. Freaked at first. But, no, just scanned the form, emailed to seed site. Notified new seeds on the way the Very Next Day! Stay mellow. Nobody will hunt you down for seeds! Smoke and enjoy!


I love “I Love Growing Marijuana”!
Web site is easy to use and allows to filter based on preference, indoor, outdoor, climate, yield, etc. prices are good and specials are really good. Credit card is charged in country so no added overseas fee. Product arrives in a few weeks and is packaged very well. But it’s the product and knowledge that makes them the best. Seeds have always germinated and quality of plant is always top knotch. I have ordered numerous times and will continue to do so.


Thanks for your :heart:@corrigidor!