ILGM Customer Experience


They are a great company, the ILGM sent me replacement for all my dead seeds. Their shipping was also very fast and their seeds grow very nicely. I will definitely deal with them again.


I was a bit paranoid about making my 1st order about 8 months ago but I did it, and it arrived within 2 weeks of ILGM receiving my payment. All 3 of the AK47 seeds germinated and sprouted. My next order didn’t arrive so after a few weeks I contacted ILGM, and within 2’weeks the replacement had arrived. My next order was marijuana booster, this arrived hassle free. It’s a shame you can no longer get it as it is really good stuff! My next order was seeds again, there was a bit of trouble with this order and ILGM re sent it 2 or 3 times, but I got it! My last order was the plant protector set, the brown tape over the clear tape clearly suggests this was opened by customs however it got through to me. This is the only package that has been opened, obviously the seed packages I never recieved must have been opened too!

Have had some seeds not germinate, which I have been told to send back to ILGM before they will do anything, although everyone else seems to get new seeds sent out straight away, that really does annoy me as it took over 3 months to recieve the seeds in the 1st place, and now I will be looking at probably a 6 week turn around to get the replacements and I will be germinating for my 1st hydro grow in about 3 weeks!

Other than that the ILGM team are fantastic, and after dealing with them they really put your mind at ease and they will look after you.


@Bevan .sorry to hear about the bad luck …But 2 thoughts for the future .one try to locate a secondary address to ship to …And @ me from the ILGM forum and ill walk you thru a simple and proven way to germinate those seeds … Sincerely . Hammer


cheers @Hammer you guys truly are awesome. I don’t know where I’m going wrong, I followed Roberts instructions and after a 100% success rate on my 1st attempt I thought I had it Sussed!


We are glad you are satisfied. Now wait until you harvest your 1st crop of ILGM genetics :smiley:


These are good people . I have been dealing with them for 3 years and the staff is great they always make it right for their customers . Thank You .


Hello, I have shopped in many seed houses in the last 30 yrs and I have to say that the customer service Here is awesome! Claire is a saint, she has helped me out several times. The information in the guides and Forum are spot on! There are plenty of growers that will help you along the way! I have ordered seeds several times from Robert and have always had excellent success! Enjoy, Mike


@mcicchino @livewire61 Thanks guys! Good to hear you like what we do!


Be patient good grief it’s coming from the Netherlands , do you how many nautical miles that is Sir , you will get your seeds are your money back .


Just lighting things up a bit :smile:

Great service!!! First order not recieved/sent email/super awesome reply(think it was from claire? My wife did the emails) order arrived within 2 weeks, got wrong seeds but still super happy :)/ germinated 2 seeds, 100% success/ joined ilgm forum/super helpful people/didnt read all forum rules and got into a little trouble/plants are great looking and smelling great and just getting into flower phase.

I have to say that this is an experience in my life that will never be forgotten :grin:

Mr Bergman, youve outdone yourself!!

Customer experience/feedback: A+++ :yum:

(Will leave reviews until after harvest)


We invite customers to contact customer service in order to make sure they receive their order; And they always do. Politely.

Hope you get your seeds real soon. I am sure you will be happy, and then can post that we back up our guarantee! :slight_smile:

Have a great day. :smiley:


Wow …I can assure you this , with them kind of patients growing should not be something you wanting to do Sir , cause even an auto takes time as such as merchandise being shipped and received by mail ?


like me as a new customer ILGM will get a lot of future business as a lot of seed companies don’t give a rats arse about quality or product, we grow commercial hemp in this lil valley and 3 years ago I swear it was a strain called Fasimo we were sold as Skunk /NL/Blueberry by a very long established reputable seed breeder, looked, grew , smelled the same as the fields up the valley, well I nagged and moaned and sent photos as these things had no smell, no crystal and way shit arsed tall for indica dominant skunk, they agreed 9months after selling me the seed there must have been a mix up and as such I was entitled to a re-ship, yay I say, these replacement beans turned up 72days after they agreed to a resend then bugger me if they were not all pale dead shitters,(bastards) well they owed the man close to $200 usd so of course I sprouted them, 2 grew, 1 of which we still perpetuate thru cuttings, all I can say was a lot of luck and all my skill saved that from a total write off, and I never told the pommie bastards that they sent what was surely the first Cheese to hit NZshores, choose your friends well, remember those who screwed you ILGM, appreciate the stand up custom , and integrity your business represents to me. Jason Mack NZ


Just letting you know that my High yield pack arrived in a timely manner. I popped one of each, chocolope, amnesia haze and big bud into my dirt and they grew like weeds. The buds are beautiful, like nothing I ever dreamed I could grow. Just in the process of harvesting now and looking forward all the buzzes I’ll get from these beauties. Thanks.


@DineyB make sure you post us all , a few picts .:grin: this again proves good genetics (ILGM) Are the way to grow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Hammer .


Hi Hammer,
I did snap some pics. Enjoy.



Keep up the good work R. B. & staff.


Thanks @olephartt Will do! :smiley:


So would customs confiscate any fertilizers or bug spay stuff I know that sounds dumb but I was jw?


That’s a good question , but I highly doubt it, there is a general list of what Cant come into any country, I know seeds, meats , drugs and guns are at the top, Been through customs before, they Ask you !!