store is back up again

ILGM Store is back up again

Shopify, the software that ran our store, has suddenly decided they do not want us as a client. We have been on their platform for 8 years. On Feb 4 they closed down the store, without notice.

Our team has worked round the clock to relaunch on new software, called Magento.

All existing orders from Shopify will still be processed and shipped out as usual.

  • The store is open for new orders
  • Existing discount codes are all active on the new store
  • VIP Points have not yet been copied. This will follow later. Contact support if you want to use your points
  • order history in your account is not yet available

Please go ahead and visit for some of the best cannabis seeds to start out your new crop


Might want to fix the typo on the date there. Or are you going to be down until next year?



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Did you get any indication this is due to the sale of cannabis seeds, or is it something else? If it’s something else, you don’t need to elaborate. But I’d appreciate knowing if Shopify is severing ties to cannabiz.


Yup, it is


I can’t tell which option you’re picking. They are against the sale of cannabis seeds on their platform?


Weaak… that seems like a foolish move on shopify part… I’m sure they make bank off bergman


Agreed and with the u.s. trying to push full federal legalization now seems like a bad time to lose a business (that im assuming pays commission or upkeep costs)


any change yet?

There’s a broken link on your front page, The red circle with white text advertising Buy 10 get 10 for free is broken. It links to

Also, the deals page shows 9 items but none of them show 10+10. I was thinking of getting some Granddaddy Purps.

That was a major dbag move by shopify. Goodluck on your new shop platform!



Same here with turtlesallthewaydown. I had been eying the GDP Autos and then the unfortunate thing happened with the webstore, yet I will buy soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very much a bummer for ILGM, and like others have said, the trend is that many more folks across the country will be buying seeds, so it was a bad business decision for shopify, imho.

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Oh, I see the deals page has quite a few deals active now including the Granddaddy Purple I’ve been wanting to try. Awesome and thanks ILGM.

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Customer service has been telling me they’d ship my order for a week and I’m starting to feel scammed. Is this whta is going on?

Your tracking number tells me it will arrive on the 22nd of February. :slight_smile:

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