ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


I’m with @peachfuzz


I think I’ve got too many tops :laughing:


There is no such thing :wink:


You can “cull” your tops.

Find the smallest and lowest tops. Below a certain point in size or location you take the all out. Only leave the tallest and longest and most for balance. Do that over a few days or a week never more than 30% of foliage in a day.

Leave as many fan leaves as you can will removing growth of side shoots that are from areas you already culled


I FIMed the tallest tops yesterday so I’ll give the smaller ones some time then cull one week prior to flower… is that ok?


Wait until the stretch to cull ur tops. If their internodal gets wide you may want them all


I’m not up with the lingo just yet. “Wait for the stretch” …?


Your plant will stretch in the beginning of flower
It’s an accelerated veg and is preflowers. During the beginning of preflowers and onset of stretch when u can see who will lag behind then decide how many flower tops u want and remove the excess. Save as many fan leaves as possible


Ok great thank you. Just the insight I was needing to clear up some thoughts



Adding CO2 on the 9/12/18

Current CO2 level is approx 400. Will be raising to 1000-1200.




Over watered…?


Yes, I would say so. Did you just water? That would cause some drooping.


I watered last night but I took her out of the pot to check roots and the soil was moist. There are sections of roots with no soil, Just roots so maybe it’s under watered :fearful:

Because I have a pot inside a pot with holes. Maybe I should water the outer pot…


Why do you have it in two pots?


I have 60% perlite is the outer pot as a oxygenated area. The inner pot is filled with holes for roots to reach oxygen pot.

Seems to have worked because the outer pot is full with roots.

Mad …:thinking:


I see, does the outer pot also have holes in it?


No it doesn’t. But if it gets rootbound than yes I could put holes in the outer pot and then put that in a larger pot … haha


Ok, so how do you get runoff to measure your Ph and PPM?