ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal



We can only guess that you are referring to…Dbrn…?


Yessir Latewood


I tried to help previously…


If you cant beat em join em hes definatley not an enemy


Such a true statement.
Where i am, the humidity stays high, So if you are growing in soil, the dry out times seem to go longer before waterings. Stays wet longer.
Of course this might be an advantage to some stages and situations in the growth process.

Speaking of which,

What methods is used to take the humidity away?


Most common way @kw_Bat is to use a dehumidifier :v::bear:


Stupid question… but dehum. To work…at all for that matter… the space needs be sealed up? I run mine and I really cant tell difference, to me it feels ambiant and isnt far from weather report always and I have a larger unit 8500 btu ac, de hum, filter fan all in on by haier but my air is pretty much pulled from striat out side passivly under door and cracks and such and it
Exhaust outside … not from the door …the exhausted air when in dehum mode is that going to have more moisture in it then regular air or less because there is a drain plug… but when I go to drain it I get a little over a cup of water in. Couple days


Hey @GreenCoat, I’ve only been growing for 3 weeks, so this journal is really helpful to me. I’m curious, though, my friend (I helped) grew some Cherry Pie outdoors here in Ca. along with some Gorilla Glue, Super Silver, and Skittles. They were all dried the same way and time and all felt like they were ready, as far as I knew. Put all the trimmed buds in glass Mason jars and cured for 3 weeks, burping every day, etc. I had to burp the Cherry Pie for 2 1/2 months and it was still not quite right. I’m wondering if I did something wrong or if you’ll have the same problem. :cherries:


I guess I’ll have to wait and find out :slightly_smiling_face:… unfortunately this journal turned to shit in the end so for that i apologise. Good luck with your grow Stagger


How is your plant doing? I’d love to see how she is coming along. Unfortunate what happened to the thread.


Did you flush before flower and again before harvest?


Yes. Have u updated your grow anywhere else?


@shindig153 @basementstealth

When I get some time ill create another and copy the info over.

It’s coming along nicely… I think! :sweat_smile:

Been doing allot of reading as of late


Yeah, keep us updated. This was a fascinating thread, I learned a lot from it. What a incredible plant.


New journal with pics completed… just need to add info in between. Hope you like my crazy :crazy_face:


All right. Hold on, this is gonna be good.:wink:


Hopefully… this heat is a mission atm


I would like to extend my hand and offer a sincere apology. I was overly defensive and got my nose out of joint by some of your comments. I responded in a unreasonable manner and quite frankly, immature.

Let’s just say that that your comments hit home in regards to spending money on half arsed lights when I could get allot better for less.

I guess nobody likes to be told after spending money it could have been better spent. But the fact is, you were correct.

The seed thing was just the back end to this brewing in me.

Again, I acted like a schmuck and possibly a DOUCHE.

Sorry mate


Good form @GreenCoat
I dont think @dbrn32 is the grudge holding type.


We’re good.