ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


good idea bass I’ll look at doing that




I mentioned it earlyer its un orthodox(higher technicality) growing and he is entitled to his style…now when he doestn listen amd since hes knew and something happens after forwarning then its ok to chuckle a little make him realize were usually somewhat right to an extent… buuut maybe hes trying to push the envelope like his boy basement… whats your nick names fells basementstealth is to freaking much to type lol… but back on track … please leave this thread up its not hurting or bothering anyone and there definstley plenty of space for you leave this one a start another… like i said your oxygen pot, all your links to antacyan you have far left growing tecnique in general you are a facts forward dude and i appreciate your knowledge , as well as your hunger for you glance through other journal to your self this you can jusge if tour better or worse in your head (i know you will i think im good but i dont think im m the best by far,far ahead or behind you are


I would somewhat agree here…But

My, as you say “unorthodox higher technical techniques” are nothing new in the plant world. I just cross examine a range of different studies and bring them together in the cannabis world. (As im sure you know, “Cannabis” is just a weed of plants) I just try to recreate the best i artificially can in my tent as whats in nature. There are so many cool things you can as long as it’s what nature intended.

If i had the space to grow a larger tent I have got the craziest light experiment I want to test out. But for now that will have to wait.

It’s all about having fun without anybody sitting back questioning and or judging whether or not it’s a waste of time or money.

Others don’t need to worry about me cos I ain’t sitting here questioning anybody else’s ways. I’m learning from others and taking ideas I like and giving props for thinking out side the box.

"THC - Times Have Changed … So GROW with them" - GreenCoat


Unorthodox mean out of the norm bro im not saying its a bad thing its just different and even foriegn to some your grow interests me rated top 3 threads, this @dbrn32 s diy light thread and looks like the owner /starter of the bud pirn thread is no longer with us? Any way i enjoy your things the average farmer dosent do or pehaps know about evn


I know mate I didn’t take it as a bad thing. I was just saying that there’s no reason for anyone to prove me wrong and sit back and chuckle if or when I might f***** things up.

Just sit back and enjoy my crazy ways, no need to question them.

My words aren’t directed at anybody in particular I’m just throwing it out there as words written on a screen.

I mean this is a journal after all … right :rofl:.

If I had a journal in my drawer, would you come in and read it… and then write paragraphs in it saying “hang on a second I don’t agree with that” .

No, you would read it put it back and walk away :sweat_smile:

Anyway this is just becoming nuts and this is no longer a grow journal. Haha

I’m going to have to start another one and get rid of this shit haha

I’m a deep thinker brother, thats all!


Thats why its called a grow journal but its really a log witha comment section lmao


Im sorry sounds dickish to say sit back and chuckle but i gotta say if some one is extremly hard headed and bumps there head …does it hurt so i can lsught a little right ymthats a hypotetical not you mske very well educsted guesses


If you decide to start a new journal please tag me. I’m curious to see how your grow turns out.
I agree with the above mentions about learning a lot with all the information you posted here. I’ll definately apply a few to my next grow. The no flush method will happen at the end of my current grow. I love colorful buds!


Agreed I definitely want to see how his grow finishes up


Same here I loved watching this progress while I have been on the site. I wanna see the finish lol.


Clones are thriving bar one



Adding a few drops of sandalwood oil to tent intake fan from today


My new flowering light


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Throwing one clone into flower


Looking good man I wish I would have started flowering mine sooner lol come check mine out. 2nd grow first scrog green crack/bubblegum


Now I remember your journal. I came across it then lost it. I couldn’t remember who owned it. Glad you mentioned it!

Truly an awesome grow you’ve got mate :metal:

How often did you feed 1 week in flower… I feel like anything I feed her she just takes it. Not sure if I should feed more frequently or feed more on my current schedule (Every 4 dsys)


Mine r starting to dry out every 2 days now. I forgot what medium ur in but I would prolly be guessing every 3 days should be good for her. I feed it alot the first week. They seemed to wanna take just about everything I could throw at it. Every feeding and watering I’ve been adding terp tea bloom to really bring the smells and natural sugars of the plants out. I’m so happy u have come and checked my journal out. I kinda dont have the most orthadox light set up neither lol. Actually wishing I could add another 2 lights and light the corners of my tent up better they r only getting about 19000 lumens in the corners I havent bought me a par meter yet but I know it could take more light in the corners. I’m actually going to start my 5 week of nutes. Going to actually be adding the soul synthetics peak. It helps with making the buds really start to swell. I went with full strength of nutes according to manufacturer my whole grow the plants only had one time where I had a nitrogen tox but it was just slight tip burn.