ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


Including this one thanks mate


Unfortunately I would feel a lot more comfortable leaving that one up. Between your request, your flags, and your deleted comments, there’s a lot of activity here. If anyone would like to know why, they can clearly see.

I would also appreciate you not trolling everyone else’s threads. Those comments are not related to their topics at all. I will take care of those, but that needs to stop. I explained the issue with your picture this morning, and now it’s time for you to move on. I’ll trust that I can thank you for understanding in advance.


I have not tried companion plants but I’ve thought of it. Like planting clover to aid in fixing nitrogen in the soil


No worries sheepdog can you at least remove this comment?


Exactly! If you think in medical terms you could definitely plant something in the same pot with medicinal properties that would benefit the plan in some form or another.

I’m sure now that it has become legal and in the laboratories there is going to be a lot of testing going on in regards to this.

So why not test at home



So for instance I have something that I’m companion growing with right now that I’m in two minds about disclosing.

Maybe at a later date and after I take harvest. But I can say that the leaves are certainly smelling with a hint of its companion.

Also bass are you associated with any other forums at all? I think it might be worthwhile me having a look around


@GreenCoat - I like watching results of your experimenting but I think you are being a little defensive and borderline “dickish” with some of the pokes…

Not cool, man. Deep breath… It is not a competition. It is just marijuana…

Best of luck. Plants look nice :+1:t2:


I’ve been thinking about incorporating herbs like mint or rosemary, thyme. I also wonder what fruit juices, balanced for pH


I think he knows that already. And I suspect he didnt need anyone reminding him. He is already attempting to clean things up. I think hes going through a normal culture shock.

So many of us come from around the internet looking for something like this but only finding poorly administered forums. This place is a sanctuary of sorts. I think @GreenCoat sees that


On this forum, he is a person of authority, so I wouldn’t go picking fights with mods or mentors or else there will be no need to delete anything.


@GreenCoat I pride myself on being the type of guy that can be aware of situations and people. I have gone out my way to make you feel comfortable here and feel like a valuable member of our community.

I maintain that you are a valuable person in this forum. Maybe somewhere along the way there has been a failure of communication.

Do not mistake my backing you up or sticking up for you as my support for your cause.

You are getting gentle nudges in the right direction from everyone around you. Please understand what I’m saying.

@dbrn32 has been a member of this community for much longer than you. He has been helpful to hundreds of people, possibly thousands. And why? Because hes a good guy. He is a moderator here and he is an authority.

We are a collective of individuals from around the world. We maintain the strongest marijuana cultivating network and resources of anywhere online.

Theres a reason for our success. We treat each other with respect and we have fun.

That being said I feel that some of your comments are not really in alignment with our community values.

This is my suggestion. Get to know the community. Get to know who is here, what people talk about, read the forum rules. Take a close look around so you have a good sense of your bearings. When you have the lay of the land I think you’ll find yourself having a more enjoyable time here.

I hope u do. As I said before I think you are an asset to our community, but not if you are going to be getting upset and rocking the boat.

Do you understand? Agree? Disagree?


I guess in this little world I guess you have a point. And this is his little world so I’ll respect that to a point. But there is always a point.

This forum or not, it’s a 2 way street in my mind. Maybe it’s just a one way street in the mind of others.

All good! I’m done


Fyi @MattyBear is another one of our authorities. There are a few, but trust me you dont need to be butting heads with anyone around here, especially our mods.

This is all friendly advice and shared perspective


All good base ill just do my thing. I don’t need this forum to converse with others. I’ll just use it as my own platform and share my thoughts.


I’m sure if you got to know people here you would find you enjoy conversing with others. But if you keep carrying on like you have been you may find this place uninhabitable


All good base have a good day mate


Hey @MattyBear

Can you delete this journal please
I’d like to start fresh


@GreenCoat If you open a new topic the admins can move these posts to the new topic and delete everything else. So you can save the parts of your thread you like. You have over 400 posts. Theres good stuff in there.

Also if you need admin support then a way is to tag the post you need help with.


I agree, lots of good stuff in here, lets drop a fist bump and do what we do…GROW!



That’s what I’m talking about @TDubWilly