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@GreenCoat what’s the marginal effect your fmtryjng to achieve with your fog period a rest is going to supposedly increase growth rate I would assume by what percentage if you know it must be enticing for you to be going to these lengths to do this


Thanks base. I’ve always been the type of person to see how things are done and do exactly what you said. “Find the variables” from one study to another and put my own twist to it. But I feel my risks are still very much within the parameters so not to :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: things up.

The forum is great but I feel I’m going against the grain a little here with my “crazy ways” :crazy_face: And because it’s my first grow people must be thinking WTF is this guy talking about with his Fogity fog light intensity reducing plant resting concept :sweat_smile:

The forum is great, all in all I like a good open minded convo if my points are not confused or misunderstood because they are not “the norm” around here.


This is my first grow so I have no expectations or anything to compare it to. I’ll compare data on the next.

But really, it’s more the journey/project that i get a kick out of. But in saying that, all my experiments are based on case studies. Obviously not all from the same study but all different types of Studies. And not all cannabis related, but plant related.


I can appreciate can you tell that to @blackthumbbetty …apparently orchid growing has nothing to do with canabis growing thank you I need that


Not all plant parameters crossover though. First you have to an understanding of cannabis growing to be able to understand the crossovers.

And for me to understand if orchids crossover to cannabis. I need to understand orchid growing, which I don’t.

So maybe @blackthumbbetty understands both :wink:

It’s a rabbit hole


Lol lmao fano


Cannabis is a eudicot or dicot vs orchids which are monocots. So ya they’re pretty different for starters. @fano_man is referring to an old conversation in which I was exploring the notion that cannabis needs “rest”. Essentially I mentioned off hand that I had grown an orchid very successfully under 24/0 light and said i didnt like with people explain why they are correct in their notion by using an anthropomorphized example of plants needing rest

To make a really long story short. Cannabis is a C3 plant meaning it does not need darkness to complete its photosynthesis reactions. So more hours of light means more energy for growth in cannabis (unless obviously you are trying to flower because then since cannabis is a short day plant u need minimum hours of darkness)


When I say “rest” I mean rest from high intensity environments. Push them, give them rest, push them, give them rest.

This encourages plant adaptation to happen for whatever environment you’re trying to create and for whatever reason.

Whether it be a larger root bulb growth, whether it be larger yield, whether it be just overall health for the plant.

Again there are many many variables that you can set out to achieve by creating an environment for your plan to flourish in new ways


Example of companion planting;

English marigolds (Calendula) are quick to get powdery mildew so we use them as an indicator plant.


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Clones are looking ok but some strange leaves going on with some of them and slight deficiency happening I’m still yet to nut out…? Some different colours for better visuals


I think they look really good but hungry for light


So, this is exactly what I was complaing about. The anthropomorphizing of plants and using that humanization to make rationale decisions. I just find it perplexing and frustrating that people do that.


Are you saying you don’t like my ration’ale base ? :sweat_smile:

Thats interesting :thinking:


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It could be potential trim I would start cleaning up what’s underneath the net right now though. It pays to get that all cleaned up ahead of time and then never let it really grow at all, that one that won’t bend over, can you super crop it?


So you think I should trim everything I’ve tucked ASAP … these are the fan leaves I’ve tucked

I guess I could supercrop her.


Use your best judgement, but if it’s not getting light, it probably needs to be trimmed up


Ok I’ll sleep on it :sweat_smile:


U r gonna have so much weed…


I would be more than happy to delete my comments at your request. Have a great day!

First time grow. 2 white widows from ILGM any help would be greatly appreciated
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