ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


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Ok for example; a humidifier which I use in my tent creates water vapour, water vapor affects the intensity of light reaching my plant.

So I can change my growing conditions based on my growing environment.

I can raise my light when I have the humidifier off or I can lower my light when I have the humidifier on.

The amount of water vapour between my light and my plant has an effect on light intensity hitting my plant.

I’m not disagreeing with what light intensity actually is or whether it’s better or worse than Spectrum. I’m saying the growing conditions ‘can’ have an effect on light intensity and the spectrum as a whole… indirectly, not directly.

Hence the reason you shouldn’t be looking just at light intensity or Spectrum on their own. You need to make sure your total grow environment complements each other.

So the question to begin with was kind of confusing or whether it was question at all… more of a rhetorical question🤔


My point exactly


I’m experimenting


Do you have a metre maybe you or @Covertgrower could test it.

I’ll go with logic on this one


Look outside on a foggy day and you tell me if the light intensity is the same



Scroll to the bottom and read the PDF this will give you all the answers you’ll need.

Please stop with your opinions and do some study🤣

I thought this forum was a place of learning not to keep you in a box

Again I’m not arguing about what light intensity is. I’m saying the conditions around the light intensity will affect the growth of the plant


It’s difficult to have a conversation based on opinions alone.

I’m very open minded very approachable but when people come at me with opinion-based points only it kind of shuts down an open minded conversation.


Db is probally one of the most cut and dry factually slightly opionatated but extremely k knowledge able when it comes to light and electric …has the go to light guy so if you caught his attention as mine you might be onto something… it makes sence that your humidity is 90% its gonna change intensity that reaches the plant but vapor is you no a gas so its moving rapidly…what about prisiming you refraction of wavelengths really bending light out of whack or perhaps as a short distance from the source to the destination if vapor is high enough it might curve back sharply and magnify possibly just a thought


Results speak for themselves wouldnt you agree?

I’m not saying I’m doing anything special or anything better than anybody else. But what I’m doing isn’t having a bad effect so I’m not sure why anyone would question what I’m doing…


Because ppl like to understand d your unorthodox style broski your not the average farmer you have an eclectic sophisticated growing style not many utilize nor understand


I corrected my bad grammar😅


Like I said earlier.

My tent environment can have four different growing conditions happening in one day, all set on timers.

For 10 minutes my tent could be 110% humidity. Complete fog!

And that would lower my light intensity greatly. I will then have the humidifier turn off allowing the humidity to drop back down to 50% for the next hour or 2. That in turn will raise the amount of light intensity back to my plant.

My whole point in this discussion was your light intensity can be manipulated (affected) by you’re growing environment.

And that it’s important to understand that it’s not all about intensity and spectrum. Or whats better

I tried to divert the original question into a more in depth conversation about the whole growing environment.


This is my journal after all… If people want to come here and question, I’m going to show them my way of thinking.

Not better, just open minded and thinking outside the box.

Like I said I read between the lines



I’m not sure how to take your last comment but I’m on my own journey brother!

I’m not posting my pictures and commenting all over everyone else’s journal.

This is my little world in my little journal that I’m enjoying.

I’m sorry you feel that I’m trying to “better” anybody else.

I post stuff so I can come back later and go over exactly what I did and what comments I made.


OK I’m glad because I don’t want to come across like I’m trying to do things better than others.

I’m just trying new things and experimenting from studies I find.

I came up with the extreme fog idea from a study I found where it supposedly benefits to turn the lights off for 5 minutes every hour during lights on period to periodically give the plants a rest.

So I changed it up and created a heavy fog for 5 to 10 minutes every 1-2 hours. Which puts enough cloud in there to give the plants a rest from the light intensity. This does not give the plant enough time to go into any stress from low lights due to rest period.

This also fluxuates the temperature quite alot. And by adjusting CO2 levels at this time can also help with lowering the stress.

Also by interrupting the light intensity increases root growth & health due to plant adaptation.

There is no one study that covers everything that I do but I take a little bit of everything and Incorporated into my grow. Whether it’s right or wrong, I have no idea… but it all seems to be going well so far.

During budding I probably won’t experiment so much, if at all.

And yes, I’m a stoner! :relieved:


If you’re interested at different ways to run lights, look up the “gas lantern” lighting techniques. :v::bear:


I will thank you


@GreenCoat btw I’m not sure if I ever said welcome to the forum. I think u r an asset to this forum. Ur smart and willing to take risks. U want to understand and figure out the variables. I appreciate that. I just wanted to ask how the forum is going? Are you having fun?


Lol @basementstealth your funnyyy… mot quiet green but hey we ask cuz we dont know in was trying to lighten the tension saying your style is funky cool out of the norm and off the wall im n some oldschool eyes I bet buut… you do boast what you read over what you know from experience which I do quiet slot seems like your like I do ooohh read one source back check in fo and basicly read here to confirm info and it’s been pretty good so far seem like what your doing as well which is a good way to learn that’s not what I meant but I ser what he saying it’s no alright take suggestions with a gra il of salt you know there’s so expert here that give lots of there time to im form us what want and dont want to hear sometimes so just keep and open ear and and and an open m oknd and you cant go wrong