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She is a beauty.


@GreenCoat do you have a link that supports UVB?
You can get UVB in fluorescent too.


Keyword in any plant study and UVB is “defense” if you know what cannabis plants do in defensive mode then :+1:


I had to work with what tent room I have… these 2 lights work on 1 switch


What’s more important, spectrum or intensity? @GreenCoat


Different light spectrum will produce different intensity. Light intensity will vary upon many factors with each individual grow environment. If your grow environment doesn’t have the capacity to support different light intensity then I would say it’s limiting.

What’s better… I would say one compliments the other if the grow environment allows them to compliment each other.

If the grow environment isn’t set up so they compliment each other than I think you would have diverse effects when it comes to intensity. As intensity would have more of a detrimental effect then Spectrum would if the conditions are not right. (Air quality, air temperature, humidity, distance etc).

I fluctuate all my growing conditions using timers. When the lights are on my plant will go through three or four different environmental changes everyday. Nothing is consistent in nature. But the conditions must stay within certain parameters. That’s where art of science comes in :wink:

When I read studies on many different topics. I not only read the lines, I read between the lines :exploding_head:

And I don’t always believe what they sell me :laughing:


Not if you’re measuring with the proper meter. Radiometric energy within the par spectrum is all weighted the same. A photon is a photon even though relative quantum efficiency of each wavelength is different.


So I’m curious why are you asking me the question… :thinking:

So you’re saying that air quality or air temperature doesn’t affect light intensity?

Keep in mind… we are speaking in terms of what relates to the plant.

Not intensity vs spectrum on their own


@GreenCoat Air quality and temperature do affect light spectrums in the atmosphere. However, not anywhere close to a tent, under artificial lighting.


So you’re saying no environmental conditions in a tent will have any effect on light intensity or light spectrum?


Short of having fog pumped in there or smoke, it’s too short of a space between the artificial lights to make a difference. @GreenCoat


Can you please send me a study where it states this. It would be an interesting read.

Opinions are great but studies are where it’s at


Your little diagram said far refs and Uvbs make a shade avoidance reaction so did you do a good thing


At the roots

“The effect of light intensity on root growth rate was via transpiration, plants of Z. mays were grown at different air humidities. Both high humidity and low light intensity affected the root morphology in such a way that the distance between the apex and the first laterals on the primary root axis increased. It is suggested that this effect on root morphology is due to transpiration and the subsequent removal of root-produced inhibitors of lateral root growth; although light intensity also affected the rate of dry matter accumulation of roots and the rate was not affected by the humidity of the air. It is, therefore, concluded that the effect of light intensity on the rate of dry matter accumulation of roots of Z. mays is not via an effect on transpiration”


Your “little” diagram haha :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:off :joy:

I’m experimenting :wink:

UVB is not meant to be good for the plants hence the reason the plant goes into defence mode. A plant will go into defence mode producing more of what will protect them. Higher THC more trichomes( In theory)






When the reduced R : FR ratio signal persists and the plant is unable to overtop competing vegetation, flowering is accelerated, thereby promoting & enhancing the probability of reproductive success.

Hence the reason you do it in flowering and not in vegetation



Ahh u know ur right uv protection is increased trics good idea it’s like there sunscreen I forgot


It’s not what’s good for the plant it’s what’s bad for the plant. it’s no different then throwing ice in the pot in the last dark period.

You need to use the plants biological system against itself.

Essentially tricking a plant by changing the environment. The plant does not know what’s going on, you control the plant!