ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


Did you compare root mass?

The root mass is the first thing I will inspect Thouroghly after harvest…That’s where the science speaks a 1000 words


I know what I did wrong it was my first grow indoor and didnt know when you flush you feed immediately following …lol… I left em bone dry for a whole week pretty much 5 weeks in flower and screwed the whole thing up … but moral was he used soooooo much less nutes and grew some of the best weed I’ve ever smoked for next to no effort just a big light and fox farm soil didnt train at all


I’ve just done a full 30L flush(got PPM down to 450) then gve her a 1800PPM feed. Not allot of nutes stay behind because the medium is already wet but they need some food at least


Yes, I like to feed once a week, twice a week is ok too if you know what you’re doing, but don’t feed more than the recommended dose, even if you think she can take it.


Maybe a little more of this or that here and there but I take heed …there’s no need lol


So when you said “water every other day” this didn’t mean feed…? Wouldn’t this mean I would be flushing the food from her roots three times a week…? @basementstealth @MattyBear @dbrn32

Every other day means:
Mon - Feed
Wed - Water to runoff
Fri - Water to runoff
Sun- Water to runoff
Mon - Feed


Yes, every other day is just an estimate. You wouldn’t water if the plant doesn’t need it. However, when you water, water, water, feed, you’re giving the plant mini flushes to wash out all the built up salts in the medium. This eliminates the need to do periodic flushes.


Very good question


So always have the medium wet ?


There’s a few different ways people approach feeding soil less mediums, which you have. In Promix, I can get away with feeding/watering every 3-5 days and following the nutrient manufacturers recommended amounts for drain to waste / soil less medium. In coco, I found feeding 1/3 recommended amount every other day with a scheduled “flush” weekly in between 1/3 strength feedings worked well for me. Every grower will have certain things they do differently after gaining some hands on experience that might not work for another grower. Every environment is different and that’s why you will have differing opinions :v::bear:


I’ve been feeding every 4th day to runoff and flushing once a week.
Mon - Feed
Tues - Nothing
Wed - Nothing
Thursday - Nothing
Fri - Flush & Feed
Sat - Nothing
Sun - Nothing


That schedule doesn’t sound bad. If you’re not seeing deficiency or toxicity then keep doing what you’ve been doing, especially if it’s working :v::bear:


Haven’t seen one deficiency or toxicity

Thanks @MattyBear


Someone on here while back was even feeding every day in coco I’m pretty sure. Just small amounts like 1-2ml per gallon.


I got this one. Roots prefer to dry out one in a while, not cold dry light crumbly soil, but reasonably dry is good in general.

That being said roots seem to like hydro just fine. Maybe with the right arrangement you can keep the soil or grow medium moist at all times. The issue I have with my soil is bugs tend to increase as the soil moisture increases


Keep growing long enough and you’ll have both


I’ll stay in tune and I’ll ask her what she wants :sweat_smile:


Lol ur fine so far :+1::fist_right::fist_left::crossed_fingers:


I got the slight leaf tip burn from last night feed :fist_right::fire::fist_left:… only one single tip though :laughing:


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