ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


For sure, they will make some colas loaded with nuggets!


Looking good!! Now hit her with the nutes. Start increasing until u see a little browning at fan leaf tips


Yep will be pushing her from today. I just completed a flush two days ago with a light run through of nutes

Should I give her more than what the bottle instructs…? Because I think she can take more than what the bottle says


Start low and increase by a small amount, say 10-20% more per feeding (I think this part is more an artform) When u see signs of excess drop back on dosage. Always give her a couple of days when u make any changes before you can see a change in the plant. It may take a couple of days to show damage or benefit. And it’s easy to feed her more. Harder to undo the damage of overfeeding.

Do you have a ppm meter? You may want to make a habit of checking ph and ppm of runoff


I do have a ppm metre

Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever got to the point where she has had too much so I think I’ll do what you say and give her a test run


It’s an art. Just be careful
She can look fine and then suddenly turn…


Once a week, twice a week…?


Ack I’m no expert… I know @raustin feeds once a week


I like to feed a low dose at every watering


@raustin advised a while back every other day which has worked well to date. So I’ll keep that routine going.

I’m just feeling you out base :sweat_smile:


Oh Baby!!! Clones ready to thrive under new light


I use to think feed feed feed but I realized I’m wasting alot of nutes your case you said you h adve root out into your oxygen pot in the sphagnum moss? Am i correct so you have a nice root system and you have the unique ability to be able to water st different PhD to optimize micro uptake :+1: cool thinking I dont know how ultra nesescarry but it might help I like that out of the box thinking … I ve began to experiment with a more limited feeding more split up scheduel because of the types of nutes I’m using being synthetic even tho I’m using a few enzyme based break down products every watering I still feel I’m washing out unused nutes when I was soaking and saturating with heavy mps per gallon I was at almost double max strength of suggested of 3.75ml a gal I was @6ml gal which isnt the most ive heard but I’m doing veg nutes one water…SPARINGLY …not soaking hoping for zones to stay dryer then others allowing better nute uptake…and next watering is slf 100 rhino skin and plain so basicly tap water and solvable silica …silica can disrupt a nutrient uptake when introduced as a precipitate in hydro systems it probally dosent have same effect in soil but it dosent hurt to spread them out and there reacting good to not feeding every time but there is always food in the soil as I’m watering way more often


I use the synthetic bottle nutes as instructed. But I add other sources of phosphorus, potassium… macros etc on top.

PPM is one thing but ‘Quality of PPM’ is a whole other story. Hence the reason you gotta tune tune tune (In my opinion)

As for spag moss, that feeds the top roots near trunk as the top soil dries out very fast if not covered. Think of the rainforest floor

In the outer pot is 60-70% perlite with peat moss & Vermiculite


Ur gonna be growing fire in no time


Since having my clones I’ve been testing full strength alternatives to see what effect they have on one of the clones.

“Baby test plant”

Whatever it can handle at full strength and at different stages I can be confident my larger plant can handle with no issues.

Organically speaking that is.

For example; I fed pure (no dilution) blended aloe Vera to my clone and it deepened the colour of the leafs and had no ill effects in growth as its maiming its size in comparison to its siblings.

I’m running a few more tests with other organics :+1:


I love the journey of this, its awesome! :fire:


Kinda @basementstealth is right they need to be revved up to high ppms quality or not I’m using high quality all the way GH flora nova line is one if the tops and we had 2 separate grows simultaneous if you check my journal the “satalite room” had way bigger nicer stinker tastier stronger buds with a small fraction of the same nutes from the same bottle 80% went to my 12 plants and 20 % went to buddys … he tried to up the nutes through the grow same batch seeds from ilgm and same bag seed under 1000watt hps single fixture… same soil same pots same city water…his plants would burn from the nutes so easy if he tried to give any where near 3/4 strength of label suggestion… just significant less nutes and produced 3 to 4 times the amount as well


How big was the root system ?


All plants were in 2.5 to 3 gal pots and mine were 6 months old his 4.5


I never pulled roots out in either room to look