ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


I haven’t got to harvest yet so we will see :crossed_fingers:


Omg seriously? Lol I see about u


You will… ur grow is going well. Hopefully it doesn’t hermie on u


Good vibes not transgender vibes lol she’s a pretty girl and that is that


There was concern early on because of the strain. I think shes a lovely girl, growing up nicely


Yeah there is that concern so maybe all the culling wasnt the best idea in hindsight… But she is healthy and I have full control over every condition so it should be just fine.

I hope I didn’t offend you base. I just think there is a difference between growing knowledge & growing experience. Your knowledge is appreciated but now seeing where my plant has progressed I’ve come to realise that one needs to seek out growing experience that relates to that particular grow.


I hope I didnt offend you but just in case I didnt …


Pls dont ever feel the need to explain why you do or do not take a particular action or advice. I take plenty of advice, it doesn’t meant I’m going to do what they say, but I’ll add what they’ve said in with my other ideas and plans and if it fits in a meaningful way then great. You’ll see, especially on the free side, advice can be more variable. The advice from the lab is more experienced and professional.

What you like to do is good with me. I’m good. I’m also ecstatic your grow is going so well. I got excited and hoped you could get an exciting yield ur first grow like me, and i got a little carried away, but always with a smile on my face, never upset. The good folks around here, especially Shout out @raustin @dbrn32 and many more have helped me so much it’s why I’m here, helping to promote and participate in a real community.


Awesome great to hear :slightly_smiling_face:


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Shes doing the stretch, itll be okay. Can u give her more light? Or lower your light 1 inch?


She looks great, well done!

Starting super cropping and tying her down ASAP will help you will keep her low.


I was thinking the same thing when lights come back on.


:+1: tieing down


:wink: :v:


Been doing this all veg :+1:


Have you been super cropping too? She looks awesome!


I have indeed but my plant doesn’t suit super cropping. Maybe when I grow a taller plant ill use it. No point using it if you need have to. I don’t believe in using a technique just for the sake of using it.

But thanks @Big123 for caring :crazy_face:

Height of my plant


Great undercarriage shot! She’s bushy and will have some good nuggets.


I’m hoping for more than nuggets😅