ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


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Green coat I’m sorry I’m having trouble finding what line of nutes your using or what concoction you’ve drummed up… @basementstealth well the plants are growing full time but I make time in my busy days for there TLC and LST for THC you no me down with OPP lol anyway yea i dont plan on having any floor space in the future I want plants constantly in growth weather flower or veg but I’m still struggling with acquiring my EB strips and driver for my custom veg light jntil lm then I dont feel like building my veg cabinet around my CFL UFO … lol sorry for all the acronyms not really I did it on purposes LOL you got a hell of a trunk on that girl also what date did that seed hit the dirt. Ps. Great job on that plant looks excelent


Are you using the trio GH line or the floranova line …I actually using the flora nova, grow blow calimagic ,slf 100, AN rhino skin, bud candy , flawless fi ishand a new foliar spray / micchrozae root booster sample my hydro du de gave me he turned me into slf 100 best thing Ive learned yet so hopefully this stuff great to looking good btw keep it up


@GreenCoat I have a super soul recipe. Do u have one yet?


Naw not able to do a super soil yet… @GreenCoat… can you take a pic. Of the ingrediants and %s label of them please Imgonna do some research on the pros and cons of my nutes vs urs… your grow is floragrow… mines floranova grow… sounds like an epic difference … I what it really is…wow I see the bloom is a 0 nitrogen are you supposed to use the micro throughout the grow?


I read your journal you got the double pot for root oxygen mainline , your screen i just would like to know what’s in the nutes compared to mine as I use same manufacturer


When you so get around to it just a picture of the label would be fine sorry for multi posting …:sweat_smile:


Some clones coming along better than others but all in all I’m happy with the progress



You’ve done a nice job of giving the tops space.


Thankyou @shindig153


Are you going to do more tucking and fill the screen? Or you about ready for flip


She was flipped on the 25th Dec. I’m going to continue tying her down for the next 2- 3 weeks. It will most likely fill the screen before it starts budding.

Going to leave all the leaf as is. All the tops are well above the canopy now.

Maybe a leaf tuck here & there for the smaller tops that come through from new nodes


Good work man it’s cool seeing @basementstealth on your ass/side like I was to him I had my doubts about his sado growing techniques lol but he definatley proved alot of old no nos wrong and did the uncharted he is good and is helping you very well… its awsome watching everyone help each other …not knowing what nodes from noses were… now I feel like a helper more then a helpless in the begining of his grow he was ALL ABOUT DEFOL I MEAN WHOA DEFLOING lol but he lived and learned and passed the k knowledge to you to keep as many leaves as possible only take what’s shading tops …this site is a great place and I’ve never even wanted to see what else is out there weed forum wise … cant wait to see them white hairs man good job


The white hairs have already arrived since last pic. Yeah base has been great but I think we may haven’t different growing styles. I’m learning to seek out advice that relates to my style of growing.

Plant advice vs Growing advice I’ve found are 2 different things.

But he’s very knowledable for sure and I appreciate all we have discussed.


There many ways to skin a cat your is definatley working


Actually there’s only one correct way to skin an animal :wink:


It depends what you consider correct I guess it depends on your goals but all this training is not what mother nature intended in the slightest lol manipulation is cool but certain techniques are more beneficial in certain styles but your right you do gotta get the basics correct regardless of the style and goal