ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


:see_no_evil::sweat_smile: seems you guys are saying the same things as the voices in my head…

Cut them! … No, don’t cut them!

I’ll sleep on it for a few days


It’s fine to cut them in early flower. You’ll see the flowers are so much smaller it’s better to cut them. But up to you my friend and ally


The fun part of learning how to grow. To do or don’t. Whatever you decide to do will help guide your decisions for the future. If you know your plant is going to need the room cull away. It’s probably best to do it early before she really starts to flower.


If it’s just in the way kill it, if it wont ever reach light cut it. If you scroll back I pulled mine out on week 2 of switch after almost triple the size up not around and cleaned out the bottom of canopy everything under it gone, a minor lollypoping I got b4 and after picks.


Please share pics that would be great


Ok I’ve decided to cull the smaller tops but will give the plant 3 more days so I can have a better understanding of what things will look like. I’d love to keep them and let them run for experience sake. But I’m affraid ill run out of room and look back and wish I did. And by cutting the smaller tops I do believe the energy will be redirected to the already 30 tops


Either way you are still going to have a sizable harvest.


The size really wasn’t what I was aiming for. I won’t be selling and I’m a very light smoker. Next time around I plan to grow a mix purely just to have a variety of smoke.




Ur welcome…


Yeah my plant structure is complety different but I get what you’re saying. Will be a good reference when I grow a plant with this structure, cheers!


Good luck! :+1::metal::sunglasses:


8 out of 12 successful clones transplanted.

All have good roots but seem a little small. Hopefully their new homes make them happy. Will be flipping these as soon as they put on a little size… I was too nervous to cut the leaves back as I barely kept them alive. First time and all :cold_sweat:

Had a mushy stem problem. But it later occurred to me that its fairly normal because the roots will appear above the mushy part of stem if you just leave them alone (if conditions are made right quick enough #breathablemedia)


Ur first grow is going al much better than mine. Well… mine is still going… but still urs looks better at ur stage :+1::+1:


We are brothers!! “ILGM Brothers in Arms”


Are you a traveling man?


U remind me of my financial advisor. Real smart guy. Knows everything. Professional. Well trained. But you seem to have biology knowledge. Ru a surgeon


Okay I see. Lol :sweat_smile:


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