ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


I see that. I think @TDubWilly has the style of growing that i want to master. I may even change from soil to bubble grow…

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Had to swap out plastic pots for peat moss pots. Seemed the plastic pots suffocate the soil.


Clip off tips of your fans on your clones it helps to absorb water through the air since that’s the way they keep hydrated until they get roots it also helps you distinguish between new and old leaves

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Will do, cheers!

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What better way to spend a 2hour drive as a passenger


I really wanted to print off the ILGM grow bible but I couldn’t imagine what they would be like at the printing shop😳


Note to self- Great Organic Reference thread: ( @SilentHippie )


Note to self: (from @raustin thread)
“Drilling the stalk is done about a week, or so before harvest. It forces the plant to start protecting itself, and produces more trichomes. I’ve never actually drilled before, I normally just stab it in half, but someone here suggested the drilling which seems a lot safer. When you’re trying to stab it, more likely you stab yourself.”

Side note: Dont stab myself


Aloe Vera Plants Empower Your Crops

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Nothing like smoking ur own. Lol and if its weak or harsh theres no one else to blame lmao


Note to self:

Soil, Hydroponics, Soilless, What Medium Is Right For You? | Oregon’s Finest


Looking good.

I count 34 tops, I bet there are more under the canopy. Shes gonna be a monster!! Good job with the spacing between colas


I’ve gotten under the canopy to clean out allot of the small stuff. Hopefully that’ll target the bigger ones for more stretch so I can really spread her out. I’ll probably do one last canopy clean tomorrow…

Do you think I should get rid of all the nodes on the branch of the tops as well…?

I rub all the cuts with aloe vera to reduce any stress

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Yes, clean off any side branching from the main colas, it wait until you can see how she will flower. The roots will have an easier time pushing flowers out of top colas than side colas. That’s why I suggest you wait until preflower to do your final culling, you can see any late or small flowers and trim those away to allow the plant to concentrate on the larger flowers. To be fair it is really tough to cut away preflower (emotionally speaking). Dont worry too much and be careful but purposeful with your culling and your yield may be epic.


My understanding is preflower is when sex characteristics show and flower is when the pistols start stacking. In there between preflower and flower will be the stretch… very cool time of explosive growth, be ready with light and nutes


Lights are 12/12 now and I’m ready for stretch tie down wire and wormcasting with nuts are good to go!

I’m changing out the 6400K for another 2700k tomorrow.

So I’ll do one more small canopy clean tomorrow removing all small tops and branch nodes.


It’s incredible to see how much they grow for the first couple of weeks after flipping to 12 12. About two weeks of stretch before the plant really starts to flower. You’ll see plenty of pistols showing up along the stems.

All the under growth will get better exposure as you tie down the plant and will start to point towards the light. You have 34 tops but you also have to account for all the bud sites along the stems. I bet you’re going to have over 100+ nice sized buds off this plant. She is a monster.

I’m glad I started to watch this thread. You have put out a lot of information that I will apply to my grow. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you.


Plan your tucking and cropping accordingly you can bend and tuck up to about 2 weeks from flip with a final LIGHT defol only shading bud sites for the top and lollipop if you haven’t started clearing the bottom up under the screen at 21 days and then let her rip


This plant is going to outgrow my tent :see_no_evil: I’m glad you like my journal. I thought I was adding too many details.


I’ve started clearing under screen as of yesterday. From now ill focus on spreading her out/tucking & tieing down everyday and hope I can manage her.