ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal


First time Cloning
Flushing with Weak Worm Tea

Looks like the tomato plant didn’t make it. Nice lst work.



Haha yeah pulled it. Not even sure what it was. The strange thing is I now have ginger coming through the top soil. Possibly coming from the worm castings I added.


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Just a tip they will Hermie very very easily if you look in the description when you bought them there for clone only and have a tendency to her me on you the cherry pie just giving you a heads up don’t want to train too much and stress it out otherwise I would be cuttings off for cloning


So the plant from seed tends to hermie but not it’s clones?


I hope not :pray: … what’s the chances of Hemie?


50/50 I would say mine did fine @Countryboyjvd1971 had 2 seed up


yayayaya!! i love it!! lots of tops means lots of buds… get er done


Would it hermie when it comes into stress or would it hermie at a certain point…?


Stress or any point not sure had good luck with one but did nothing


I guess we will find out


It’s a different breed for sure


Did you have a good harvest in the end?


this was the main cola off of it


Jesus man!!! Do you have any pictures of the plant itself? How did you find the smoke?


Is cherry pie an autoflower?


No it’s a fem it taste like a cherry with a seed great flavor tight nugs I have so many pictures of different plants they all get mixed in


I have 9 finger leaves coming through. Hopefully this is a good sign of a healthy plant and no future hermie :pray:


That’s my thoughts but now concerned I’m experimenting with the wrong strain :grimacing: