Ilgm chemdawg for the win


I’m sure they’ll be fine, looks like it’s gonna be a solid grow!


Nice…watching while growing


looking beautiful!


Set to stalking :slight_smile: God damn this is a beautiful progress thread I love seeing them grow :heart_eyes:


I’ll be updating soon but I just had to post this picture of the scary looking Chemdawg hiding in the background watching me feed the girls. Something right out of Steven King. I don’t go down there anymore once the lights are out.

My two Chemdawg in the Hydro system have a couple more weeks left then a flush. The others in soil are a week or two behind that.


Yo what the heck that’s freaky. I saw something like this in my basement. There was a sheet on the floor and from a a distance I swear it looked like a creepy face staring at me. Maybe I was just too high or my mind was just playing tricks on me. But dude this is way creepier.


I thought that maybe it was my scary reflection but then I thought where’s the camera. lol


Looks like a freaky leprechaun :laughing: @ntmaremach


Pretty damn wild!