Ilgm chemdawg for the win


I had to decide if I wanted to start some Chemdawg or Banana Kush. The Chemdawg won out so I started three seeds on May 10 into paper towels and into a ziplock for three day. Yesterday afternoon I put the seeds into a Burpee seed starting system and today all three are showing. This is a first time trying this system for starting seeds and seems to work good so far. I’ll only be using two of the three and will keep them in veg. for at least 40 days or so.
Seeds after three days in paper towels.

One day after being in system with water ph 6.0.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow
January 2018 BOM contest. Happy New year!

Awesome @ntmaremach your grows are as epic as weed growing itself! I’ve set Themis to watching.
Do you plan on doing any plant training?
I really wanted to grow this one too! Really though, which one would you not want to?


Very nice that will be one I drop at the new place indoor that is haha :rofl:


looking good @ntmaremach


You mentioned banana kush, they grow nice.


5 weeks into flower no red or orange hairs yet. It is a good guide to go by that as soon as you start seeing goldfish hairs where the fan hasn’t been hitting or you haven’t been rubbing against it then it’s about 21 days away from Harvest.


Here and watching, best of luck with this one @ntmaremach


I started two of the Chemdawg into the ebb and flow system. Both showed a root coming out the bottom of the bag. The PPM’s are at 350 and ph. is at 5.8 and here we go.

I’ll either be giving this last one away or put it outside and see what happens.


Sweet! Best of luck with them.


All out of likes, but they’re off to the races! @ntmaremach


Today is day 5 since being put into the system. They are growing nicely and they have about five weeks or so before they go into the flowering room.

I put the third into soil. Where will she go now.


I look forward to watching all of them grow @ntmaremach


Today starts day 8 for the girls being in the system and on 18 hrs. so I start counting the veg. days as of today. Not much to show but here they are.
PPM’s at 1130 and PH at 5.8 with 30 Gals. in the reservoir.
Day 1 of Veg. Early Growth

Chemdawg to find a home.

Here’s one on three Banana Kush I started but didn’t have much luck with so I started the Chemdawg. This one has come back some so I may put her outside. Really don’t know why they started so poorly as to why I tried using another method to start them and the chemdawg was a success.


Today makes day 7 of veg and tomorrow I’ll be changing the nutes to Late Growth which will remain the same until I put them into flower in about a month. I was planning on this grow being Banana Kush but due to problems I thought I was going to have to throw out the seedlings as to why the title is chemdawg for the win. I started the three chemdawg much later than the Banana Kush and they won as to who would be the next grow. Well I didn’t give up on the three Banana Kush and now I have three of each. Here’s some pictures taken today and you can see how the Banana Kush had gotten stressed and split on there own as though I had topped them. I will probably start a small journal on the Banana Kush and see what they grow into.
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You can see how two of the Banana Kush have split as though topped


All are looking great. @ntmaremach


Looking good as always. Did those self top?


Self topping pretty wild!


Yes self topping. I thought they had just about died but didn’t give up on them. Two out of three did this. One had three but the center one is small.


I say spread her apart and let the little sprouter in the middle get a better chance. Maybe it’ll be three giant colas.


1130 on the ppm seems really high… was that a typo?
At this stage I’m about 150 to 300 ppm… :thinking: