ILGM Chemdawg Feminized

Germinated 2 Chemdawg seeds from ILGM on March 3rd. Grow space is a bathroom in the basement we never use. Well…I do, like to sit and gaze at the wonder of nature being helped by human intervention! I’ve only used the autoflower until now, so hope these are as successful as the WhiteWidow autoflower I’ve been toying with.

Seeds were moved to 7 gal grow bags filled with organic soil after germination and have resided there since. I’m using General Hydroponics FloraNova “Grow” and “Bloom” for the nutrients. Other than nutrients only using distilled water PH balanced to PH 6.5.

Anyway, these ladies sprouted on March 7th.

March 14th, 7 days

March 20th 14 days

March 27th, 21 days. Training began, using tent pegs and pipe cleaners to train branches.

April 3rd, 28 days, both plants were topped at 25 days. Training continues.

I won’t be able to update this for a few weeks, headed out on holiday and leaving these ladies in the care of my son (explicit instructions provided).


Pretty girls! May i suggest calmag added as well. Distilled h20 can cause calcium deficiencies.

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Woohoo looking great welcome to the forum
I will have to agree with @Laurap as well

Thanks for the advice, always welcome. Have calmag on the way.


Awesome @CanadianGrow that’s the next strain I’m germinating

Looks like you’re off to a great start! Best of luck. :v:

The girls look great, good job. And welcome to Ilgm.

Welcome to the community
Got two of these crankin right now too.
Happy growing

Thanks for the post. Those look great. I’m just taking my first endeavor into ilgm genetics with a blue dream.
Enjoy your grow and good luck! They look beautiful.

Welcome to the forum can’t wait to see what you can do!! They look awesome keep up the great job

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Welcome to the forum, @CanadianGrow. Nice looking girls.

@Laurap & @Countryboyjvd1971, thanks for the suggestion to add calmag to the weekly nutrient feeding.

Should have mentioned a bit more about the environment in the first post. Lighting is two 1200W full spectrum LED’s with fluorescent grow lights on the side (re-purposed from first attempt at growing) to provide light on lower part of the plants. Light cycle right now is 16 hours on, with room temp maintained between 17-30 degrees celsius. Humidity is maintained between 35-45%. All is controlled from simple power bar with daily timer.

Trimmed the major shade leaves two days ago to allow new growth more light. Question I have is, should I trim more and how much?
Pics from today after first trim and more training. Plants are now 31 days old!


Nicely done
Pretty and happy ladies
What a way to start the morning

Looking very very good! Tuck under the fan leaves & only take the ones shes thru with. She feeds off of the fan leaves. Removing too many can cause stress. She could die or herme without them. I know theyre a pain but necessary. If youre still in veg (sorry dont remember) up your humidity. I try to keep it up to 79% during veg & down , if God willing to 40 - 50% during flower.

Welcome to the forum. Plants are looking great!

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I can’t wait to see them chemdog will be one of the first in water when I get to the new place

Got home from holidays to find I had two plants that were none too happy from being denied nutrients. New growth had leaf veins yellowing, the smaller of the two plants suffered worst. I have to say the guides put out by ILGM are awesome and I think helped me identify the problem. Think the plants suffered from low iron and nitrogen deficiencies. Pics below. Plants were flushed with tap water PH balance to between 6-6.5 and left for three days to dry out a bit. Leaves continued to yellow. Both received a healthy dose of nutrients on day four post flush. Plants are now showing decent signs of recovery with the leaves greening up.

Feel free help out if I’m headed down the wrong path…

At 43 days old what I found when I got home.

At 50 days just over 7 weeks, plants are showing signs of recovery. Also looks like buds are beginning to form. Hope these survive and yield some decent bud.

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I think they will be ok :wink:

They’re looking good to me. Its better for them to be hungry in veg than flower…

It has been a few weeks since I last updated this. Here goes, as always I am open to suggestions to improve.
Plants are now 64 days old and appear to be liking the environment. Light has been reduced to 12 hours daily from 16 hours. Changed from vegetative nutrients General Hydroponics Grow FloraNova Grow 7-4-10 to General Hydroponics FloraNova Bloom 4-8-7. Humidity sits between 40-48%. Both plants a thirsty buggers, with the larger of the two now consuming 5-6 litres every 2 days,while the shorter one consumes 5-6 litres every 3 days. Taller plant stands 3.5 ft tall, shorter plant is catching up and stretching out more. Because of this, I’m having to modify the lighting to be able to raise the lights more. Lights sit about 1 ft from tallest plant, which I feel is a little too close.

Nice weather has finally come here, hoping to try an outdoor grow soon!

How frequently should these babies get nutrients?
How close or far away should the lighting be from the plants?

On to the updated pics…

May 3rd 58 days old;

May 9th 64 days old;