ILGM bud of the month chat room


Classic @ntmaremach


This is one of my crystal buds. Took forever to get a pic showing all the colors


ohh WOW @Laurap i know you are a proud mama!!!


I am. However still waiting for amber to show. Gonna cut none the less next thursday. Thatll make 80 days & guide says 64. Took 4 buds off last week but way too heady for me right now. They need some body effects.


Everybody is doing awesome I want to play too lol


you gots to be in it to win it!! good luck brother!


Curious as to when feb bom ends. Still trying to decide. Every month what great buds!!!


either last night or tonight maybe @Laurap some months differ…lol


Here are the entries for Feb. good luck to everyone.















Now that’s some good stuff there


Georgeous guys, Everyone did a wonderful grow!!!


Now the hardest part. Gotta vote for just one & i keep scrolling back & forth. So many great entries!!!


Some good looking buds. I need to order some more seeds to be able to enter. I’ve been looking at the blueberry and mk ultra maybe a few others. Looking like a stacked month, hard to choose


@WillyJ. Those colors…beautiful my friend!


@M4ur This is the chat room, tags are allowed. lol Although I don’t think there would be a problem if the voting started anytime now on the BOM thread.


Really, :joy:… I miss that :joy::joy::joy::joy:.
Then is safe to do that :joy: :joy:
Now i saw my mistake… Sorry @AnneBonny


I think I am going to need samples to decide on just one this month… Samples are the key to victory :crazy_face:


I think I have decided who I am voting for but damn… it’s a really hard decision!


I’ll send you one branch from the plant I posted. :wink: