ILGM bud of the month chat room


Definitely earned it’s name, great bud.


Hey guys was looking for feb bom but nada. I saw there were problems last month. Does this mean it is no more?


I hope not.
I finally have a bud to enter. :grinning:


Wanna see please. Your ww is stunning! Sorry just got up & thought duh probably pic above


Thanks @Laurap
I am torn between the pic above or this one


that ww is no joke. @North_East_Newbie .lol
i’m pretty roasted on some now!


Hahaha, I hear ya @BIGE.
WW is my go-to strain.


good quality and you cannot beat the price!!


Where is in contest for February? :thinking:


We we’re all kinda wondering the same thing …


And somebody asked latewood if will be one?


I’m sure that @latewood will continue the BOM contest because I haven’t made it to the Hall of Fame yet. lol He’s been very busy lately and we should be seeing the Feb. BOM up soon. On a side note , I received my order of 10 Banana Kush and 10 Chemdawg fem. beans. I should be starting a couple of these in a few weeks.


The boom contest for February is on. :joy:


Awe inspiring :drooling_face:




I don’t know if it would win but this one has the approval of C&


Hahaha that’s great! Maui Wowie and Labrador


The look on cheech’s (sp?) face is awesome. Haha


I was watching tv and they were on so I took a bud and put it in front of the screen and took the picture. I believe that was a Gold Leaf bud. It did come out at the right moment thought. lol


That’s hilarious! Well done. Hahaha