ILGM bud of the month chat room


Who won what?


The Bom. lol


ah yes the BOM @NJ49ersFan Midnight of the 31st EST.


Oh That explains it …lol :blush: sorry


Had a edit it ends the 31st


Good luck is a nice looking bud, Bud…


I always believed the voting ends the end of the Month. I still have a chance. :grinning: will end on the 28th. though. lol


Hey @butchbrooks. The Blueberry was only femenized not an Auto. Thx for the vote. Looks like it counted.


@ntmaremach @EarBudz @Myfriendis410

You guys are almost neck and neck in the voting. All great buds. :+1::+1::+1:

If anyone hasn’t voted yet, you have till midnight tonight.


That’s correct vote ends 12am tonight est good luck everyone


Good luck to everyone participating. There were some beautiful buds. :v:


Hopefully we’ll be seeing the Feb. BOM coming soon. Any early bud porn from anyone. Here’s some Green Crack from my last grow.


I don’t know if I’ll have any contenders for Feb but I’m trying!

Maybe one of those will be pretty enough, and maybe I’ll summon my inner Ansel Adams and find some photography talent so I can take a pic to do them justice. :wink:


They look awesome! Great job. Beautiful. I’ll look for them for them in the February contest!


They are looking really nice . Contenders for sure .


My SSH might not have any that are fat enough, but it has some cool colors going on:


Looks awesome


Looks great, you still have till the 21st to submit you entry and should look much better by then.


Here’s a little pic I took of my last White Widow Auto grow


That’s beautiful.