ILGM bud of the month chat room


Ear buds bud is so big its almost comical. Wow. Hahaha
Great job to everyone who entered. They all look great! I would love to sample any of them.


Yes @bob31 that should cover it .
But also the more you send the better chance of winning. Lol


Well of course! @Hunter00


Since we can tag here freely why not give me your personal info so I can mail it to you.JK Free samples for everyone.NK lol


B.F.E U.S.A. Care of Crazyots


1313 Mockingbird Lane - please address the package to “Eddie.”


Lol :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink:, I just get it :wink:. …

Some poeple that are not necessarly fairly fluent in english would not understand the references guys and could be interpreted as a go to give personal info that is a no-no every where on the site, capish, lol :wink: :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink:


I will send all samples to the North Pole and let Santa sort it out. lol Please no personal info as @Niala stated. For all those who don’t know where 1313 Mockingbird Lane is. Eddie’s the youngster who smokes pot.


Thanks buddy :+1:


I just noticed and would like to wish @Patsbasement a Happy Anniversary.


Ty @LovBudz ; @70sChick ; @Laurap :hugs:


You are very welcome @beginner2d


That’s filth what strain it it


Green Crack


So it’s a good strain for outdoor


I should have voted that way there I would have gotten at least one vote,boo hoo,lol,the best part of my pic is you only got to see it we got to enjoy it,lol.honestly my vote would have been for the winner as well,sweet buds make it a tough choice to have to pick from:grinning:


Your bud is fantastic and I hope I get one even close to it on my current grow. There was exceptional competition this month. It gets tougher and tougher every month!

It also seems to me that how the picture is staged makes a huge difference in who wins. You don’t often see anyone win with a human in the pic with the bud. So I think this is much about your grow skills as it is your photo taking skills. Maybe more about the photo taking skills. :wink:


Thank You @crazyots @Myfriendis410 @Nug-bug @beginner2d @Niala @MAXHeadRoom for your support, it’s much appreciated.


You did the hard part including taking the pictures too!

Happy A day or B day or is it C? Lmao!


So… who won?lol