ILGM bud of the month chat room


Thanks @Niala love the new avatar. That would be more than nice to get the honor of being in the BOM Hall Of fame. I know I’d love to get a calendar from all the winners photo’s, it really makes the picture pop when they add the extras. I think there will always be a tough competition seeing there are so many expert growers here.


When sstart Jan BOM ?


@beginner2d Here you go.


This month entry full plant. Leaves Like a rainbow and buds like a pint beercans.Thanks to genetics shes alive and now the biggest.


You need to provide your order number to compete FYI.


Mh? What is fyi?


For Your Information


@Myfriendis410 @beginner2d posted the order number in the official Jan. BOM thread. I believe he was showing us the whole plant instead of just the bud.


I must have been high lol! Thanks!


Must of been? lol


Fine fine! Details! Haha


Thinkin this one might be Feb BOM contender when its done!


This was taken from the ILGM Facebook page, Awesome.


@MattyBear @EarBudz Please use this thread to chat about the BOM contest. Here you can post your pictures of the bud you entered and tag as many as you like without cluttering up the BOM thread making it easier for latewood to figure out who won when the time comes. If you want to post on the BOM thread just use the reply and please don’t tag anyone, tags should only be used for voting on the BOM thread.
Now that’s one one great looking bud. @EarBudz


My bad. I saw this thread but didn’t know how to link to it. Thanks!


Blue Dreams #205686

She’s actually purple/lavender color. I couldn’t capture her color with my phone camera. Beautiful plant, great seeds . Thank u Robert :+1:


I’ll bet that’s some good smoke. @NJ49ersFan


Thanks for helping out @ntmaremach the competition for January is gonna be stiff!


My pleasure @bob31


it is always stiff @bob31

i always think, i’ll wait til the competition is not so tough…well that day has not came yet! lol