ILGM bud of the month chat room


Well I did get one of the Bruce Banner to germinate and she is just starting to do the stretch as she gets fully into flower . It is easy twice the size of the gold leaf and ww . Plus one ww is in really crap shape . I think I had a hot spot in my soil and she got fried when I fed the first time. The other 3 have been doing great with the exact same soil water food everything.


@Dieselgrower has already put up a winning photo for aug. BOM
looks as if another tuff month,get in where you fit in!
awesome work brother!


Thanks man. This was by far my most colorful plant


Beautiful as always


My Chemdawg is getting close enough to get an entry in before the Aug. deadline This plant will be ready for harvest in a few weeks so I should be able to get a decent picture before then. .


I’ve actually caught an image of the Chemdawg checking out one of her Chemdawg buds. A little Twilight Zone going on here or Steven King. I know I’m not going down there when the lights are off.


I’m glad I’m sober that’s kinda freaky either way lol.