ILGM bud of the month chat room 2023

Thanks. I see it now. I’ll give it a go


I appreciate it but I’ve given up trying to figure out what bud will win. Usually I can tell 100% but lately I have been thrown for a loop lol. I always show people and ask their opinion and we always usually pick the same one and they don’t know who is who but I’m not sure what people are looking for :person_shrugging:


Like someone said on up the thread, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m still fascinated with colorful plants. Some others probably like the beautiful green buds. Just different strokes for different folks.


so true. I’m a colorful plant with a nice heavy snowfall on top kind of guy. others will be in awe of a monster bud or huge cola


I have seen pictures in high times since late 70s, majority in those days, indoor grows.

I give a nod at this time of the year to outdoor buds because of all the curve balls mother nature can throw upon helpless growers.

Wife just mentioned outdoor grows take place around the world at different times.

I love the mixed colors as well, frosty is a must, saw one picture had leaves half trimmed, not eye appealing to me.

Bud eye appeal goes long way.

Do like the single bud only rule and not the whole plant.
Wouldnt mind second picture, a close up of the buds trichs that is being voted on.
Yes, beauty :heart_eyes: :heart: is individuals :+1:.


Second that!


@Mosca Greetings and salutations…Would you please define
a close up of the buds trichs that is being voted on? Are we talking just a closeup to see some frosting or are we talking 30X magnification?

Using my iPhone 11 Camera


Im so new to the growers clan, id love to see them up close, at a distance.

To be fair, not all maybe able to do 30x zoom, i just witnessed on @beardless journal some trichs that looked like mushroom clouds.

I think most have good phone at least, thst seems fair.

Its a frosty bud that intrigues me, not sure that frosty equals killer bud, the only time i saw frost in the 70s was thru High Times.

Love your pictures, eye candy all day.

Keep on doing what your doing, its working.


@Mosca Greetings and Salutations. I hope you are well. Thank you for your input and your complement. I agree about the unfair advantage some would have with their ability to invest in quality equipment to get High Times quality Bud Porn. Besides, this was set up as the BOM (Bud of the Month) Contest with very clear and agreed upon guidelines. I hate changing the rules in the middle of the game…Maybe a separate contest with Best Trichome Porn Categories? (Clear, Milky and Amber)…my 2 cents…also, the Moderators do a great Job here and I, for one, am very grateful for all their hard work and effort each month.


@AgVet has had it for a year I believe, she has brought the best out of the growers, was lurking since July, every month seems to have gotten tougher for me to vote on winner.


Not like the 70s but in person it looked really frosty


Thats purtiner purty. Very nice.


We can set this up, or really any of y’all can start that thread. It wouldn’t be an ILGM contest because it would require equipment that not everybody has and they’re not in the business of making people purchase products to win contests.

Nearly everybody on this forum has the ability to take a shot of their buds with just a phone. I’ve won 2 with just phone shots and the hall of famers have done so as well.

If you want to gain extra points with voters; play around with lighting, play around with backgrounds, play around with angles, etc. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to win these things. You don’t need special equipment.


All my pics come from an android phone no special equipment no close ups like ive seen on here but i thought it was BOM contest not TOM contest… but for those who can take those close ups why not let them have little fun with it. Its nice to look at but for me i enjoy looking at the many different colors and shapes of the ladys but thats just me


I agree 100%…Even though I was the idiot that brought up a separate contest for Trichomes…I like the current BOM Contest format…There are amazing photos every month. It breeds inspiration (pun intended) on what I might be able to achieve one day. Happy Halloween!!!


Doesn’t make you an idiot to have an opinion or a suggestion. And yes its very inspiring to see so many good looking lady’s. makes me want to work hard to get there… lots of helpful people on here and keep up the good work it will show


Damn, y’all hitting the November BOM hard already.


Saw your post, I just went over there. Lots of :star_struck: buds. It’s looking to be an extra tough contest!


agreed. the level of honor on winning seems to be growing each month with stronger as well as more competition


Mine is my first grow in 25 years, I never imagined I’d have something BOM quality on the first go.