ILGM bud of the month chat room 2023

@Took1-4theteam @AfgVet will let you edit your post as long as it’s prior to voting. Go pick out your fav.


That’s ok . I’m happy with it and it’s already got 25 so let’s just let her roll. :+1:
Will make sure to be a bit more selective and more mindful of bom for next grow from ilgm gens . All good .


Those are likes not votes homey.


Oh, ok then how or where are votes?


Will build a toll? I guess at the deadline? Or where is that at?


After the 21, @AfgVet will put all the entries in a poll and we usually have a week to vote after the poll is up… :nerd_face:

And the poll will be posted in the BOM thread…


First click on the ILGM banner

Then click on Bud of the Month

Then click on the current month.

Then set the topic to Watch

Near the end of the month a poll will be posted. You’ll get 1 vote and the votes you receive are ‘blind’.


@Took1-4theteam if you want to change your entry pic before the vote just let me know.


When do they pick a winner for the bud of the month contest December 2022? I just now submitted my photo


Voting will start around the 21st when the poll is set up. Do as @Fieldofdreams laid out a couple posts ago and you’ll be alerted on every post for December BOM.

You’ll know you won when there’s 50 notifications in your inbox on the day the poll expires, lol.

Great entry, BTW


Thank you sounds great I’ve been More than Impressed with my ILGM genetics :dna:


Good looking plant! Not far to go


@AndrewGrows awesome entry in the BOM contest, but……need you to pick just one photo. Let me know which you’d like to keep and I’ll delete the others



This will be my pick thanks for the opportunity I’d Love to win 5 new beans for Christmas. :slight_smile: love all of the ILGM genetics I’m running too btw. Loving this Skywalker OG it’s 8 weeks and 1 day into flower. Bout another week I’d say.


Gotcha taken care of. That’s the pic I would have chosen too :wink:. Good luck.


Do-si-do update!!! Please read!!! I am new to growing. and when I did an internet search for the best seed bank. ILGM kept coming up. So after weeks of researching I used the last of money and bought 10 do-si-do auto flowers. With it being one of my favorite strains I thought I couldn’t go wrong. And at first glance it appears that way. But after an incredible night of chopping and hanging all my medicine to dry. I worked on my truck all day and couldn’t go inside to look at my bounty! So tonight comes and I head in my smaller room that has some of lower buds just rack drying to find my Bud of the month bud! (At least buds from just below the pic) Are full of SEEDS!!! I’ve done nothing but say good things about ilgm and there products but this sucks! Not only did I get 3 different phenols in 7 plants the only one that didn’t go fully to seed is the leafiest most loose piece of shit! Ilgm the seed bank sucks! I could tell this was a way less worked line after researching cannabis breeding and pheno types and back crossing, squaring, and IBL lines. The purple punch I have going right behind these ones are looking great m. But now I’m worried that they may have gotten pollinated? I never saw one banana peel on my buds the whole time! Ilgm should not be selling these seeds for much money! They suck! Ilgm the forum is incredible!


I feel your pain. Im not an auto flower fan. But there are better genetics out there. Unless your cloning there will always be variation and hermies. But it should be better than that. I have had good success with other companies.

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@503KING did you grow indoors or out? If indoor what light was applied? There’s no reason for you to think every plant is supposed to be a mirror image of each other, variation is the key to Darwiniasm lol. Maybe this was just an isolated incident? Seems like a pretty extreme reaction to your 1 experience. I’ve grown a few of ILGM’s strains and couldn’t disagree with you more. Good luck on your next grow bro.


I used hid lights. It’s just super disappointing. The purple punch is ilgm as well. And the variations in pheno types is minimal. All of them look good and are stacking nicely. All of them are frosty! If you compare the genetics in the two grows there’s no comparison! The dos-si-do line needs worked more! I like variations in seed plants. But not when the quality is so far off from one another. The bud of the month pic I posted was the best looking plant :seedling: in the bunch!

This is the type of variation you see in F1 seeds! Not a properly bred stabilized line!