ILGM bud of the month chat room 2022

U noticed @Dbrzz123 seemed to disappear after just a few questions about a harvest I’d b screaming :scream_cat: about from the rooftops. I believe most people here on the forum growing Autos, would love to hear details about such a monster plant. I would definitely consider growing Autos, after seeing such a monstrosity n the shortened growing period an Auto requires. Share some numbers, anything.It’s not that I don’t believe such a plentiful harvest is attainable. I never say never when growing marijuana, but n today’s world when everyone has a camera glued to their hands. Why wouldn’t u document such a feat?? Even n an illegal grow state, ur obviously still growing. Share some pics r details, pass it forward man “throw us a bone” as @NewtoGrowing suggests. Sorry I digress, it just doesn’t sit well, n my world. N I’m rambling. I started documenting n pics, with my first order to ILGM, not so long ago. I’ve been hunting n fishing my whole life, n if u looked at my catalogue of pics. Not even close I have more grow pics, by far than I gots other pics combined. After all I gots a camera glued to my hand…:smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :peace_symbol: n stay lit :fire:


I’ve never grown an auto so can’t weigh in on this topic. Grown a couple of what I think of as a monster monsters. The criteria, if it’s bigger than me. 12.86oz my largest so far but I have three clones of her almost ready for harvest hopefully I can beat that record for myself I might have a chance

This is a Black Mexican xGDP the tent is 6.5’ I’m 5’ just for comparison I can’t fit a entire bud in a picture unless I’m against the wall in the room then it’s the whole plant lol we are on week 8 of 10


These are 2 more black Mexican xGDP in flush ready next week

My arm is as hi up as I can reach. Lol


Beautiful work @SheilaT, definitely something to b proud of. I also have never grown an Auto, but when someone makes a claim such as @Dbrzz123 did, well I would love to see such results, it may change my mind about Autos, who knows. I only grow Indica’s, n my height going into flower on average is 30”. So I regularly deal with plants over 6’ tall, I’ve read many description’s of Indica’s only growing 35” to 40”, straight from the bean houses.I must clarify I don’t use a tent. I’m n a spare b/r n my basement, with 8’ ceilings, n a very controlled environment, n if say a GDP grows a bit tall, I have a plan, I’ll share.

Wondering if it works??

Pinch n bend, that’s it,If u gots quality seeds from a reputable seller, n the perfect growing environment, weed b hard to kill.
I’m sure many people have many opinions on my statement. Fact is there r to many ways to grow weed, to say it can only b done one way r another. How does one consider a successful grow?? Quantity r quality?? Does experience change ur initial response, if u know more shouldn’t u grow more??

I grow out of need n necessity, so I have a different perspective from most. I’m not trying to go monster, I’m not trying to impress anyone. I try to replicate every grow. I go n with a plan of action, n only the lady can change the plan. Opinions expressed r mine n only mine…:peace_symbol: n by all means continue growing, personally I hope ur record falls to ur beautiful ladies I’m thinking L-bo, good luck…


I vote quality ALL DAYYYYY!! :white_check_mark:


Me too so getting a giant plant that is high quality is bonus! the main objective here as my husband and I are long time tokers is getting the highest quality pot I can grow. I only have 2 of these seeds just one left I do not want to lose these genetics.

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huge azz fan leaves


@SheilaT sounds like it’s time to create a bonsai mother plant


Ive grown about 12 Autos so far, and the most I maxed out at was 7oz. Seeing those numbers made me think he was lying, or man I suck!!! LOL


Aight, ladies and gentlemen… let’s get the thread back on track, you stoners, lol.


Here’s a couple more pics of my entry. It wasn’t easy to pick just one. :joy:


I’m torn, which pic do you all prefer?


Love both, top is the better of the 2…send the other one this direction!

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Personnally, I prefer the top one. The colors come out better, imo… :nerd_face:

Either or, she is gorgeous!

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I echo Kap.


Either. Both are very pretty.

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