ILGM bud of the month chat room 2022

They sure do look different in the dark


Every photo needs a title. The title for mine is
“Alien Disco Church!”

-These trichs remind me of Aliens👽 partying on a a green dance floor while worshipping tha Sun!


17 weeks bruce banner.7.4 dirt ph and soil from the local hardware store mixed with potting soil.i put her in an even bigger tub but leaves are yellowing and falling off. going with the fox farms and ocean floor next time and perlite and with bruce I will induce flowering sooner the 12 weeks.


wouldn’t drain well but im learning.a gallon of water every couple of days and barely any runoff

here she is 10 days later!


Hi guys! Question about voting in the
BOM contest,… do you just highlight the bullet dot and leave it, or do you have to type text and reply to vote? When you highlight it, it changes the number of votes but it doesn’t register it and when you click reply you get the text field to type a message. Highlight it and type a message and hit reply, yes?

Good luck to everybody who entered, those buds are absolutely amazing! Great job!


Just highlight the one you want to vote for. That’s it! :nerd_face:

You can change your mind up until they close the poll… :wink:


@ARaggedyDiamond that black widow bud is amazing.

How did you grow that? Hydro? Soil? What nutrient line did you use? Lighting? Final weight?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m just intrigued!


I use MG potting@40-55%/coco@30-40%/perlite
I also add natural/organic granular as follows:
1 teaspoon per gallon for seeds but for transplant and top-dressing I use 1 cup w/4-5 gallon pots. There is no availability of popular nute lines b/c of cost and locality. So I use Chemistry. Calcium Nitrate @ 2 parts and Epsom salts @ 1 part(2-1) during early bloom then used GM 4-26-26 (seaweed) late bloom I also use natural/organic additives and I flushed several times w/molasses.

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@NeoGroR I use an old plat.led 300 series w/four 20 watt florescent 2 feet tubes (in corners/sides) of a closet sized tent. That plant was 1/2 lb

What a line up! Good luck the lot of ya:)


Hi everyone! Just wanted to leave this here, I’ve done my part and emailed.

There is federal cannabis legislation open for public comment until 9/1. You can email to provide comment on the proposed legislation.


Acknowledging or allowing genetics from competing companies would be a great way for ILGM to back their claim that their genetics are equal or superior to other companies. Refusing to allow competing company’s genetics makes it look like they are afraid that the other companies have genetics that are superior. I understand and appreciate that ILGM sponsors this forum, and I do buy from them occasionally . . . but I always wonder why when a company avoids head to head competition. If you have a top product you should welcome all challengers and show the world.


@frogyrogy ILGM Customer Service is Ultra.

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Has nothing to do with that. The contest was created as opportunity to reward their customers. Same customers whose purchases support the operating expenses of the forum. The forum staff has very little to do with the seed shop, but we run all of the contests on the forum. I see no advantage to opening contests up to other breeders gear.


Well snap . Tough decision this month @Carpenter and @Woodrow I may have to sleep on this one those are some mighty tasty looking nugs.and @ARaggedyDiamond what a chunk


Thanks for the encouragement @Oldstoner, if not this month maybe try again with the G13 in a couple months


I appreciate the kind words. Good luck to everybody! :+1:


Gonna try my hand at G13 Auto. @Oldstoner I got a journal going on the new site.

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