ILGM bud of the month chat room 2021

That’s one of those “Coral Reefer Buds” :heart_eyes:

Awesome! :+1:


A little too much Nitrogen is what I have been told


Im in week 13 now, should be getting ready to chop soon!


Welcome to the sandbox @Debb it only matters for entering the contest where you purchased the seeds from . All of the help in the world is still on here in various places and posts plus the community feel of the site and friendly demeanor of most all on here make it a nice little community of like minded growers


Looks awesome!

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Going to be able to save about 8 to 10 oz of my BB lost at least a pound to bud rot and mold

That is one of the one’s I was able to save BUT

This is the bucket 7 gal. that is stuffed with colas that size . It wounds my heart but it is a bonfire evening


Thanks! First grow and I am very happy, I had a ton of support from some great people on this forum! Would probably have a quarter of schwag without them. :rofl:

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It looks like you and i had to do the same thing today! I had white widow autos outside, suffered a lot of bud rot. Worst feeling taking a huge cola and tossing it.


Yeah we just had a very wet week or 2 by me and my outside plant is struggling. Hoping it makes it without any mold issues, humidity is dropping!


Thanks mate appreciate the warm welcome from so many. Am amazed at how accepting and friendly everyone is on this forum. It is a credit to ILGM, moderators and everyone who participates. Happy growing to all and Thankyou


Stacking and leaf count says sativa though. ( ◜‿◝ ):heart:

7 is indica 9-11 sativa. You got 9’s with alternating stack. That’s sativa dominant.

Indica dominant are 7 or less and not alternating.


Same feelings when I first joined, nothing but love! :love_you_gesture:

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Hate to hear that, but nice huge colas left :love_you_gesture:

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I would not go by leaf count for indica sativa differences as I’ve had indica plants first run I did came out with 1q and 14 fingers and it had to be an all indica plant for sure finished like months before the sativa’s did had huge fat ass leaves but 11 and 13 fingers. All my plants on first grow had 11 and 13 fingers but I also had like a bazillion untrue watts in the spot for them. I believe I had 10 or 11 blurples on that room at the time lol.


@Mark0427 I have also noticed 13 and 1 was 15 fingered so I am not sure I would go by finger count either . But also I only ever identify them by what ilgm labels them at time of purchase. Lol I m sure they aren’t but could send me almost anything and if it was good smoke I would just go yay

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For me it’s primarily the alternating stack. Beyond leaf count. Like the alternating one above. Vs my very indica bd. Which is only 20% indica. But exhibits indica genotype.

Vs her very sativa sister. With alternating instead of across from

See what I’m saying? I primarily grow sativa. That BD was the only indica genotype I’ve ever grown. Doesn’t look remotely similar. Indicas have much more prominent main cola bud (1). Sativa, not so much. Once it’s trimmed it no longer looks like a single bud. Unlike indica. All autos have ruderalis trait btw. That is what makes them auto.

Genotype as the name suggests involves genealogy. Unless you have an ancient land strain. No matter how stable, you can always end up with geno traits from a great great grandparent.

Which. Would he nice. If we would be correct the terms genotype and phenotype… lol.

Genotype versus phenotype. An organism’s genotype is the set of genes that it carries. An organism’s phenotype is all of its observable characteristics — which are influenced both by its genotype and by the environment.

Indica and sativa are geno types. Cannot be environmentally effected… can not be pheno


I use Leaves and height, but I only grow hybrid stains w/sleight differences. Longer leaves/taller plants is sativa Dom, shorter wider leaves/plants are indicas

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The taller plant is a Balkhi, its 11 foot 6
The shorter plant is a Tashkurghan around 10 foot


Beautiful @Cannabian ! Love the pink pistils too :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


I can honestly say ive never heard of either but I do look forward to seeing the final product!