ILGM bud of the month chat room 2021

I believe that the only restriction, with regard to repeat entries, is that if you win then you can not enter that strain again. If you loose then you can enter the same photo again (I would not re-enter a loser) or a different photo of the same plant if you wish.

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@latewood contest rules say entries close 21st/22 @ midnight… Although you clearly state entries are open until the 27th of January… Perhaps this is a special 2020 new years kickoff!!! LoL


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I was following kind soil directions this grow. Add nothing but water. Had to step in though and add some terp tea or she was going to die.

Can anyone get in January BOM??

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This is what happens when I click your email @latewood …looks like @MattyBear had same issue…

@merlin44 I can’t find the Jan bomc. Can you help a feller out?


annnnnnnnnnd its gone

So the bud of the month competition is gone for Jan. Where did it go it’s making me paranoid

@HornHead the best I can make out from the posting history, the January BOM thread has been disabled while they work out the issues with the poll.


Damn guy well that makes me antsy I been watching that everyday waiting for polls lol but thanks for quick reply makes me feel better

Me too!!! Must be a technical glitch - These things happen. Just harvested my entry this morning

I looked for the Jan BOM a few days ago and thought maybe my browser history - cache was having issues. Now I know I’m not alone.

We’ve had some personnel offline issues that have slowed everything down from the Admin point. Please be patient and we’ll get the poll back up. (software changes too that didn’t help)


I hope that everyone is OK, fun little contests are not important in the face of real life issues.


Good things come to those who wait. BTW I just smoked some Jak Herrer and I can’t feel my face…


so the FEB bom page is up what happened to january?


I just saw that…

So, did everyone win? :grin:


LMAO… the first time I entered …my luck


No update that I could find. Looks like we all get a trophy :trophy: