ILGM bud of the month chat room 2019


Beautiful! Nice shot, Look at that Purple


Not bad, What kind is this one?


My Oh My,



If that was to me Girl Scout cookie extreme.


Ha, one of my fsvorite myself!


I am going to vote for the first time but how the heck do you do it… all of them are great! can i have ten votes please?


Pic size only 2mb what allowed to upload?
Its mean 13 mpx cam not bigger…?!? How about real camera? I have phone, if i shot full power my pic come out 16mpx…


I have had success in emailing myself a pic, then choosing to send as medium size.
After that, I am able to upload it without issues


when and how can I get in on the 3/19 bom contest?


Your plant needs to be from ILGM seeds. Then look for the new thread to open then post one picture with the order number. It usually doesn’t start until about the 7th of the month.


Ok. Thanks!
All I’ve ever grown were Robert’s! Can I do more than one and can I re-use monthly IF I don’t win the 1st time?




Yes, you can re-use a non-winning photo. I’ve asked the same question too! @LawryP …good luck with your entry.


Also, only one picture/bud per month.



@NTMAREMACH Can it be a clone bud of the seed purchased…?


@latewood can the strain and order number be displayed on the pic rather than typed below it?


Found another pic in pc for this summer outdoor grow.
Next month covered :sweat_smile:


The competition is brutal!! Tried with the following 2 entries, gonna keep trying. Both are WWA outdoor grown, both from last year. Can’t wait to start playing in the dirt again.


Here’s an image from Feb’s BOM on the ILGM Facebook and Instagram page. I can’t wait to start the Bruce Banner once I receive the seeds.


If you want to be entered you must go here and post. 2019 March Bud of the Month Contest
Good luck to everyone this month.