ILGM bud of the month chat room 2019


@Loki I gave some clones from my GSC to a freind and he planted them outside with some cooler weather. Here’s a picture he sent me.


Must be it’s just a pheno. Mine looks like the 2 I posted for you guys to judge.


Almost cut day. Just wanted to see a cut branch so I took a smaller cola branch off.


I try def grow this year Outside and inside gscx strain.


Just harvested a Bruce Banner.
Hanging the bigger buds to dry…


Love it. What light type/nute medium?


I used 2 vipar 600, 2 mehzi 600 & added a no name 1800 watt light for flower.
I used Fox Farm nutes, Recharge, Mykos, Azos & Mammoth P.
I also used Fox Farm happy frog soil


Damn. That’s some wattage!


When does the voting stop for Bud of the month


Usually at the end of the month. Feb. would be on the 28th and other months could be the 31st. @Hogmaster will notify us when it officially closes as it could even run over a couple of days due to a late start.



Bro @Loki that’s nice , hope your gonna share :yum:


Always haha


What woman doesn’t like a bouquet??


Those are some pretty flowers!


Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve heard people mention on here before by what factor the fresh cut buds will shrink in weight to a cure. Can anyone remind me plz? I have a few tops weighting 63-80g fresh cut.


Should end up with about 20-30%after shrinkage /drying /curing. @Loki
Nice lookin nugs Peace :v:


I use the 25% when trying to figure out how much weight will be left. 100 grams ends up about 25 grams.


Here’s my little bud