ILGM bud of the month chat room 2019


@ntmaremach did this last year, it was a great idea!

If we keep the discussions on this thread it will keep the BOM contest thread cleaner and easier to follow when we evaluate all of the great buds for voting.

Happy growing and good luck to everyone.

P.S. From the looks of the first two entries by @ntmaremach and @Painfree, this is going to be some brutal competition this month. I wouldn’t have a chance…


Love that you did this…
My question is this…
@ntmaremach said that this pic was from his first grow 3 years ago… I thought that we were only posting pics of a previous grow… ?:thinking:
I have a crap load of pics from along time ago but I ain’t going to post those… I have some ilgm super silver haze that won’t be ready for harvest until the beginning of February 2019 and that’s when I’ll post pics… so what I’m saying is I think we have a gray area here when it comes to bud of the month… I want to see buds that you just harvested… not buds from 3 years ago… can we get some clarification here…
I also could have read his post wrong… I am a stoner… :grin:
And I know he grows really good buds… just want some clarification… :wink:



@latewood Good point but turn the way back machine only one and a half years. lol picture was taken June, 2017. I just figured the rules state that the strain must be from ILGM and you can’t enter the same strain again if you’ve won with it. I’ve never won from this strain and like you, probably have a million pictures to choose from. I’ll change it to something more recent if needed. Some growers here may only grow once or twice a year and run into problems so they may need to go back a year or so to find a sample good enough. Here’s something very current but not a winner yet.
Banana Kush day 9 of flower


So If the strain ain’t from ilgm you can’t win ?? Well what about ppl that cant get there seeds from ilgm ??


Why should ilgm promote other seed banks buds?


It’s not promoting if you leave the sell out it’s just a name a brand so that’s like saying Canadian ppl can’t use ilgm because we can’t Oder from them


Why can’t you get ilgm seeds in Canada? Isn’t it legal there now?


Yea they don’t sell to Canada witch they should but no they dont


I don’t have any special insights here, there was some discussion of this on several other threads. Apparently there are some legal restrictions that prevent them from shipping to Canada. There are folks working to resolve this.


Well that’s great I’ve been dying to grab some


I heard same thing, hopefully some resolutions to this soon.

This is stuff I think about when people are asking for Federal legislation. We have no problem getting seeds and equipment when its illegal. But cut the government out of their share and heads will roll haha.


Yea I agree everyone in Canada can grow 4 plants without a license I’m gonna be able to grow 96 plants for 400 bucks I hope it gets resolved soon as well



Picture of health right there!
Dark green leaves, no spots.
Beautiful grow!


Thanks, This grow started off with a thrips problem that I noticed right away. It took several times spraying some azamax on the plants and I believe that solved the problem. I have to do some serious trimming tomorrow of the bottoms. This was taken today at day 10 of flower and a little over five feet tall.


I believe this was my first grow with the ebb and flow system. I filled the grow room with more than I should of and it probably caused some stress on them. I don’t believe it was due to cold because I grow indoors and the temps never went below 65 or so. I use General Hydroponics nutrients with Liquid Koolbloom and on this grow I might of added some sweetener to the mix. The GSC is on the left with Chronic Widow on the right using my home made hydro system.


Which should I enter for BOM January?


Top pic, with the rest of the grow cropped out.
She’s a beauty!


Thank you! Much appreciated


I’ll agree with you there.