ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


Most colors are brought on by cooler temps at night and the specifics of your strain. I had 7 WWA, only one purpled up, I currently have an WWA that is changing colors AND will be 21ish weeks at harvest.

Indoor growers can manipulate the grow environment, we outdoor growers not so much.


Noobie that’s pretty much what I thought. I could manipulate the temp. Not sure it’s worth the effort. Good smoke is better than color in my opinion. Thanks for the reply.


Sexy colors


I grew a batch of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and got nothing but green. Fantastic smoke but no color save for the dark green leaves and the pistils. I have seen a bunch on here that were a great purplish color but my overnight temps this summer never went much below 75 with days hovering around 84. From everything I understand overnight temps have a ton to do with colors in your bud.