ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


Most colors are brought on by cooler temps at night and the specifics of your strain. I had 7 WWA, only one purpled up, I currently have an WWA that is changing colors AND will be 21ish weeks at harvest.

Indoor growers can manipulate the grow environment, we outdoor growers not so much.


Noobie that’s pretty much what I thought. I could manipulate the temp. Not sure it’s worth the effort. Good smoke is better than color in my opinion. Thanks for the reply.


Sexy colors


I grew a batch of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and got nothing but green. Fantastic smoke but no color save for the dark green leaves and the pistils. I have seen a bunch on here that were a great purplish color but my overnight temps this summer never went much below 75 with days hovering around 84. From everything I understand overnight temps have a ton to do with colors in your bud.


I get mine into the lower 60s at night in the colder month’s to get the colors on this one but honestly it is just because it cost less to not heat it . I have done this before and the colors never showed. I think it has a lot to do with individual plant phenos . I have three blue dream in the same tent and only one is showing purple like this


This is blue dream? Wow that’s nice


Yes sir it is from one of Roberts buy 10 get 10 sales from last year


I’ll add to the Christmas theme with some Green Crack. lol


Thats inspire me :point_up_2:


I can still spit out some good colors


With an ez cloner it’s as simple as cut, dip, and forget. Mine usually take a solid 13 days to show root signs and by 20 have a huge root ball. I always put an air stone in it and also put a little bloom ferts in (controversial I know) because buds and roots both like phosphorous. Low, less than 400ppm.


as always @ntmaremach you have grown some beautiful buds!


I see yellow tong out of bud, over time?


Yup thankfully just a few.


@Zombo Have you created an account on the seed shop page.


No, I don’t remember doing that, unless I did when I purchased seeds back in 2017 @ntmaremach


I just went to the seed shop and entered my order numbers but it didn’t find them? They were ordered back in March and May of 2017 @Hogmaster @ntmaremach… I sent them an email for help


Go to the seed shop and click on the log in button. Then scroll down to create account. Once you’ve created an account you’ll be able to log in and scroll down and see all your past orders from ILGM. Each order will give you the info as to what strain you ordered. Hope this helps


Thanks! @ntmaremach


How long is this GSCE since turning 12/12? The 7 weeks is since vegging I assume cause it looks like second week since bloom to me?