ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


Do they count if they are already cut…?


@Astrocreep it’s fine if they are cut but 1 bud only. Ex:


Need everyone to vote in the next 24 hours top 4 2- win


December bom is up and running


Hey @Roadrun_ner, don’t forget to include your ILGM order # and strain with your entry photo.


Hey @latewood, while not too important, it is bummer that things got a bit out of control for a while. Un-needed stress…you have been handling it well, thanks for your efforts.


Hey group how has it been . I haven’t been around much lately and hope everyone has been having a great end of year holiday season . I hit a kind of wall of depression which is very out of character for me so I have been spending quite a bit of time doing volunteer work at a couple of different places and have not been around .
Getting ready to harvest soon and just wanted to share a pic of the Christmas Buds for this year

I’m stoked about the color , about probably 6 to 8 ounces out of this grow is getting that deep purplish tint . Harvest is soon


Beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Wow. What strain is that? @Oldstoner


Awesome pic bud. That’s gorgeous.


That’s one of the most beautiful buds I’ve ever laid my eyes on!:eyes::heart_eyes: get to feeling better knowing some relief is in the way @Oldstoner


That is the Blue dream right from ilgm sir


Wow amazing phenotype. Did you get to clone it hopefully? Wonderful looking specimen for sure @Oldstoner


Gorgeous pheno!! Nice job!


@merlin44 i have a DANCE world comin. :yum:


winner winner chicken dinner!
beautiful buds!


Beautiful, I really like it too when color (any color but especially purple and blue) presents in my buds.


@Dr.DankThumb420 no bud unfortunately I have never been able to successfully clone a plant . I have only tried a couple of times it is always been easier to pop seeds and I’m very into easier to do.


Breathtaking bud and photograph! The orange pistils against the purple bud is stunning! Just gorgeous! :scream:


Question. My second crop of GDP will be ready in about 2 weeks. My first crop was great! Very good yield, great high. The first crop never turned purple. Trichomes were ready, but not the color I was hoping for. The second crop has also not shown any purple. Plants look great, big buds and good color, just not purple. Is there something I need to do to promote the coloring?