ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


@Hogmaster, sorry for voting twice in the contest this month. I’m a bit more high than I should be, and tapped my trackpad by mistake the second time. :roll_eyes: Maybe I’ll get to vote next month.


You can unvote one of the two @WonkaMan


Excellent! Thanks. I just did. I didn’t realize that I could do that. On with the show!


Hey there @Hogmaster it finally worked I have a scrog full

it’s good that the yield is look better this grow to . We are going to be moving to North Carolina so I will be missing a grow after the first of the year . This Christmas everyone only gets a ounce for the holidays.


deleted by request

Grow II, The White Widow AF Saga

Appreciate it @latewood. Only voted on one poll personally. But the lvl2 rule is a good sound decision imho. That way they’ll have time to get a feel for the contest before entering.


Uu. Nice upgrade. How i can watch what LVL i am?


And just how do you vote?


you vote at the end of the month when we close entries


I might enter my Cookie Monster mutant bud in a month or two. It is an ILGM Girl Scout Cookie Extreme @ 7 weeks.



Gold Leaf


What a great forum this is ! I love everything about it, where can you get this knowledge?? I know @latewood and @Hogmaster have to go thru a lot to have the BOM contest and I thank them very much for their hard work. I know every month there lies another challenge.


Last day to put pic to BOM contest? And what time zone, then i know how to do my calculation.


Midnight on the 21st Eastern Standard Time.


No worries here. We are glad you are enjoying yourself. Making this the
most friendly forum on the W3 is worth all the effort :smiley:


@latewood saw criteria to get to member. Not sure specifically I’m missing cause I am active and a member for >1mo what do I need to do more of to get member level?


Sry for posting under poll made booboo


This requirement has been dismissed. No worries. :slight_smile: