ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


Not that I know of.


The rest of the Blue Haze from my entry this month


Next month Participants. Never have a problem so good, gold leaf buds cant stand without help. What a nice problem to have :smirk:


So far from my gg4 entry from this month I have 4oz in jars with prob another 3 or 4 on the plant getting couchy. Her tent mate, a girl scout extreme, has 6 in jars and another 2 or 3 left on the plant. this is my first grow and couldnt be happier with my results. ILGM will have my business for life!


Good morning everyone hope all are well . Starting off the week by putting some fire to this guy . It was a baby picture but she sure is tasty this morning.


What flavor might that be?


That was a green crack from my grow before last


Whelp…I guess this will be another entry. She broke off this morning while shaking dew off them.

White Widow Autoflowering grown outdoors. She is 3 weeks from harvest. Order #308248


This is the chat room. The contest is on another thread.


Yes, I know but I figured I’d put it up for discussion.


Here’s my BotM entry, give it a vote! I want free seeds! LOL



Strain? Beauty!


That is super skunk @Loki


I have a bud-of-the-month related question.If I entered in July ,but did not win,can I use the same photo in November? I read the rules and i think I misunderstood part ofthem. Thanks,in advance.


You can use it over and over until you either win or give up. lol


Thanks , @ntmaremach…have to get more seeds and produce a different photo asap.


Maybe next month for this Bubblegum .


I’m really missing being able to get in the contest. Being the first retiree is kind of cool being retired on the other hand kind of sucks so I will just have to share some of the ones I might have entered here instead


Those are all beautiful!