ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


3 weeks past “suggested” grow time and 15-20% Amber. She took forever to finish


Damn! That’s a beautiful cola @Daddy!


We love our girls chunky!

@Whodat66 I don’t flush plants, so have no answer for that. Otherwise like @MattyBear and @Daddy not looking for couch lock weed either. I’ve just yet to attain 100% cloudy trichs. What I’m not doing is harvesting with much or any clear. If that means being 30% amber as opposed to 10% amber, so be it. I think it’s very reasonable that you can hit 75-80% cloudy with 15-20% amber and less than 10% clear. Even a 50/50 hybrid is plenty racy there.

Your plant is going to keep producing trichromes provided you don’t do anything to disrupt it. This is why I’m against doing things to upset uptake. I’ll let them keep putting on weight until I think they’re ready.


WOW! Now that’s a cola!


I just flushed today at 45 days flowering. I plan to harvest between the 9th-15th. I’d like to possibly go longer but bud rot is slowly destroying my grow.
Banner from the outside looks like it has a ways to go, but trichomes are turning orange here and there on the bud

Skywalker og looks farther along, but has no orang trichomes on the bud, just the sugar leaves

It’s part science, part intuition.


Outside is a completely different ballgame. We can’t control Mother Nature. Sometimes you have to harvest early due to weather or rot outside. Indoors, you don’t see that as often and can allow plants to get to full maturity. I don’t fault any outdoor grower for having to harvest early to salvage their plants :v:


I really wish all those winner pics above had been tagged w strain. Many like myself are probably here to determine what to buy and use these as examples. It’s only helpful when I can tell the strain!


@Loki I agree . Here you go . The first two pictures are Bubblegum , the second two pictures are Jack Herer strain .


Thank you! Two I’ve been drooling over. I have 5 of GSCE at 3rd set of leaves under a 4 bar T5. Gonna try them under spyderX plus in 707 organic mixed w sunshine 4 and perlite in 20 gal super root air equivalent pots with full AN line, and CO2. Double topped, LST, and scrogged. 6 week veg as we have a 2 mature plant limit here. Gonna break 2.0 lb per light dammit.


@Loki I have tried to edit the post giving the strains but I guess you only have so long before you can’t edit your post. I’ll post another list but with the strains added soon.


Here’s an updated list of the BOM winners with the strains added.
Sept. 2016
hillcrest21678 / WW Auto
Oct. 2016
Fyshh Trap Blueberry Auto
**Nov.2016 **
Oldstoner / White Widow
Dec. 2016
Code420tv / AK47 Auto
Jan. 2017
Hogmaster / Bubble Gum
Feb. 2017 had two winners
Savingpvtviper / White Widow
Kabongster / Northern Lights

Mar. 2017
fromanoc / Blue Dream
Apr. 2017
maxlarge / Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
May 2017
Hogmaster / White Widow Auto


June 2017
ntmaremach / Chronic Widow
July 2017
Ragnar / White Widow Auto
Aug. 2017
ntmaremach / Gold Leaf
Sept. 2017
bob31 / Blueberry Auto
Oct. 2017
Willd / Purple Haze
Nov. 2017
Laurap / Amnesia Haze
Dec. 2017
MAXHeadRoom / Gold Leaf
Jan. 2018
EarBudz / Blueberry-Fruit Pack
Feb. 2018
Myfriendis410 / Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
Mar. 2018
Willyj / Sour Diesel


April 2018 has two winners
Old Stoner / Green Crack and the first to enter the BOM Hall Of Fame with three wins.
TxGrowman / Skywalker OG

May 2018
BIGE / Skywalker OG
June 2018
MattyBear / Blue Dream
July 2018
MickyS / Blue Dream
Aug. 2018
MAXHeadRoom / Banana Kush
Sept. 2018
raustin / Pineapple Haze


@loki are in in VT?


Thanks so much! Amazing stuff! Especially interested in the GSCE cause it’s inspiration for mine! But I’m sure before long I’ll try all. I’m loving ILGM. Mine came in 4 days and 100% popped. One struggled(my fault) but righted. Rest straight queens! As I was asked below, yes, Vermont!


Been a long time, but my father and I used to kill it with “medijuana” from AMS. I’m hoping these GSCE are as good but with more yield. That’s a high bar. They were stellar. But I have faith! More so thanks to all your pics!


There’s been a flurry of Vermonters since July. :+1:


Lot of ski bums from rich families that grabbed clones of Durban, Hindu Kush, NL, WW, and etc from Humbolt and Amsterdam. We’ve always been a Mecca w top quality. But now we’re set to get really real!


Funny, I smoke so I can deal with the rich ski bums. The weed has been pretty stellar around here for quite a while.


I hear that. I’m not one. None of us long historied natives are. But I dated their sisters and smoked their herb and hung out w them. Only difference was I had to work. Has anyone yet done a journal under a SpyderX plus or shall I be the first?