ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


And also, I am trying mainlining (nebula or whatever) this grow too. Looks like something that might suit me.


So here is my ‘12-days-to-go’ profile. Mostly clear, but some getting cloudy.

This is why I’m thinking it might be a ‘rule of thumb’ to work with. Will probably refine it for me.

But I am now seeing gingers on the tops too, rather than new growth - good indicator as well.




Here’s a plant I just started the flush on this past week and still has another week to go at least… Sorry for trying to help @Whodat66. I can leave you alone to grow how you please. I was just trying to make suggestions :v:


Yep… good luck :joy::v:


Don’t get butt- hurt or anything LOL! I was not just ignoring your input, just explaining why on this plant I was doing something different.

I also want to be able to set up a consistent rotation between my veg-tent and my flower closet. so timing is a factor.


I don’t get butt hurt by something someone says online haha. I don’t have time for that shizz. But I’d also rather give my time and effort to newbies who don’t act like they know everything already and can take constructive criticism. I think if you asked around and showed that pic to experienced growers, 9/10 would say she won’t be ready when you plan on harvesting. Plants harvested too early can cause an anxious, racy and paranoid high, which is far less desirable than a little bit of couch lock on a mature plant harvested at its peak. :v:


I also get experimenting with plants… I do it all the time. But I don’t think your first harvest should be that time.


No worries dude. I am setting a baseline, AND I am short on weed, AND I have 2 plants going. I may end up deciding that 28 days is better, or to wait for a good speckling of gingers before starting the 21 day thing, or whatever. I also know it will change from strain to strain.

So not just for harvest date, but seed-drop date, when to go dark, etc. Because after you put her in darkness or split a stem, you are committed. It would be awesome to have an educated guess to go by.


That baseline will change with every plant, let alone every strain. I just look at it as you put all this time and effort into these plants with watering and making sure they’re happy in their environment, that cutting early or going off a predetermined time line seems like a waste to me. Trichomes should be the determining factor when to harvest every time.
I’ve had plants go 3-4 weeks longer than my “expected” flowering time and if I took them when the breeder said to, I would have missed out on a lot of weight and potency. That’s all man


Having given similar feedback, this is why.

Every strain is different, even seeds within the same strain can be different. So having a number to associate with anything as it pertains to harvest date is relatively useless. It’s great to have notes to reflect on though, so a lot of value in tracking all of the above.

If you don’t like be committed to things like stem splitting, dark period, or whatever, don’t do them. Look around at honest experienced growers, they’ll tell you there’s just as much reason not to do any of that than there is to do it.


@Whodat66 one thing to consider is that your flower will start to ripen AFTER it has fully grown and stopped putting on weight. By harvesting early you can lose up to 20% of your weight and bud density. We all just want you to crush your grow and have poundage. When she stops spitting white pistils then watch and plan your harvest accordingly. The 21 day rule is dependent on strain and environment


So what is a better indicator of when to do something 2 weeks out? I mean, once you start doing something like depriving nutes you are committed right?

Again, I have yet to do anything different, and won’t have to make that call for about 3-5 days.


No if you flush too early and they still need time you can always feed a little more and then reflush but after splitting and lights out you are committed


And when a supposedly trusted grower (youtube) says that is what they go by, cool! I’ll try it to see if it works for me. And I’ll adjust it to what I think will work for me - that’s all. Baseline.


For what it’s worth, I’m also trying to work out a rough timeline with my germination and seedling methods to see how long to “x” nodes and stuff.


I don’t usually grow for couch lock either so I understand what you are aiming for. There are ways to slow down your ripening to allow them to continue packing on weight. Just remember everything you read is just a guideline and don’t commit to anything, until you are happy with what you see.


I will throw it out there, that I never grow for couch lock either. I like a little amber trichomes on my Indica strains and about 10-20% amber on my Sativa strains.


I get that too. And I do appreciate it. I don’t want to squash input.

A. I need some weed sooner rather than later.
B. Someone reputable trusts the 21-day thing, so COOL! never thought about it until a few weeks ago.
C. The amount of stress I lost looking at my diminishing stash and my potential redemption date is a bonus, especially with the vacuum-quick-cure thing to try on some of it.
D. Baseline :wink:


Oh, and I also think that the QB’s giving them everything they need and then some is a BIG factor. under blurples I agree 1000% with the concern.