ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018



Very nice cola.


About 7" x 2". same size as a beer bottle LOL


And it’s still got lots of time to put on weight.


The righthand plant has exactly 13 days. Left will go a to about 10-20% amber except the main cola. Don’t know how long I’ll let it go, but it will be based on how photogenic she is :slight_smile:


I think she’s got more than 13 days to go.


On one I am trying the '21-days from brown pistil" theory to see what I get. I don’t want couch-lock.

But can you imagine? I’ve seen people harvest the top before, and leave the rest to mature. Have you seen anyone leave one lollipop to mature? Think stem splitting is a stress that produces bud-candy? Lets see what having all of your limbs removed does!!!


Yes, you can harvest one bud at a time as they ripen if you want. Lots of people do that.


So I am letting one bud go to couch-lock+ but the rest are aiming for 20%. I am watching and the right plant is getting closer amazingly fast. Might end up more ripe than I need. Here’s a representative from the “13-to-go” club


And the brown pistils are spread relatively evenly up and down most branches.


It’s a beautiful cola. You’re doing something right.


I think the best thing was noticing a problem early and dealing with it early. She has looked twice as frosty since, with no more burn.


You know it’s the trichomes you need to wait to go 20% amber, typically, and not the pistils right? Just want to confirm that because I’m 99% sure that plant has more than 13 days left… just don’t wanna see you miss out on weight and potency by taking that beauty early :wink:


Yeah, I got that LOL

There’s a ‘rule of thumb’ that 21 days after you see the first (non-stress-induced) brown pistil you have 21 days to harvest. I have about 2 weeks to go, and the browning pistils show that the buds are maturing at a rate that the trichomes should be in that 20-30% amber by that time.

If not, I can adjust next grow, but I think that being able to predict 3 weeks out when you will harvest makes all those ‘pre-harvest’ tasks easier to schedule. No “is it too early to split the stem?” etc.

So I’m running with it on one plant. After the dark, if it looks like it could go a little longer, next grow maybe its 24 days, or 28. So I’m not crazy or ill-informed, just experimenting.


Splitting the stem should be done 4-7 before harvest date. Takes 4 days to start noticing a difference.


I get that you’ve read that somewhere, but my take on that is… why put all the time in getting your plants this far only to take them before they reach their full potential? What’s another week in comparison to the entire grow? I get it… I harvested my first plants early too, but I wish I hadn’t. I’m just trying to help you out man :v:
We have to be patient and adaptive to these plants and how they grow. Charts and timelines should be used as gauges, not definite when it comes to harvest times.


I get that too, but I have 2 weeks to go based on that schedule, and it looks like the results will be that acceptable level of ripeness. And why do I want that baseline? Because

And flushing should start before then amiright? Soooo knowing that harvest date or a pretty good guess at it is a helpful thing. I mentioned on my thread, but I just gave them their week 10 feeding. tomorrow is plain h2o, so I don’t even have to decide until 5 days from now before I actually change anything (like week 11 nutes or continue flushing with plain water).


Also, if this is close, I plan to try ‘working backwards’ from that harvest date as soon as I see pistils. I mean, if it is early I might want to start pushing the ‘week whatever’ bloom nutes earlier than planned, stuff like that.


I think we all develop our own methods for harvest timing. In the past I’ve let them go too long and I’ve taken them early. Now I’ve got rules of thumb and indicators, but nothing is set in stone. I harvest when the trichomes look ready, when the conditions are right, and when I have the time to trim.


Ed Zachary! And now, with my environment set, nutes set, lighting set - I am developing my own based on me. And for me, being able to set a reliable harvest date early allows me to do more experiments - or not. I just want an efficient reliable way for me to grow, (with checklists and calendars because I am a stoner) that I can deviate from as needed.

And I don’t want couch-lock. So erring on the side of caution is a better way to start.