ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


You-da-man. This is specifically why I asked about indoor vs outdoor!

When mine get’s close to harvest I may have to try ice-baths and stuff to get some color :wink: I know an indoor bud will usually lose to an outdoor one on quantity, so I have to go for beauty, with a little panache :rofl:


We had two days of weather under 60F and that’s all it took for a small fruity pebbles I have outside to start showing purple on the sugar leaves and a rainbow like expression on the bigger fan leaves. I’ve seen some amazing CW photos with beautiful fall colors on here - I’m hoping I can get something similar.

But my main worry is how much bud rot I will get.


If she goes all the way, goldy says see ya next month!



Now harvest her a month before mine are ripe :wink:


Had to pull my chocolope early. Just noticed bud rot. I’m a little disappointed, it’s cost me probably ounce so far and I had to pull it early😖


Lots of people with bud rot this year. I lost a good 2-3oz on my harvest in July. I feel your pain.


Yeah I lost an entire outdoor plant to it and an 1/8th of an indoor plant to it this summer. Meh.


I lost a croop too, In May/June! 4 indicas… its been a bad year for outdoor growers


I lost my entire crop last year to bud rot
I wound up removing more every day till there was basically nothing left :neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::rage:


Some of my cola’s have been so large and dense that I was finding some mold deep inside so this grow I’ve been cutting everything into smaller buds that hopefully will dry without causing mold problems. Here’s some I have in a tote which will be put into my drying rack. This is all Banana Kush and is very sweet with a great taste as I have some dried.


Here’s my drying rack with Banana Kush hanging that still needs to be cleaned up. Everything else in the rack is Chemdawg which I’ve been harvesting for a couple weeks now. One more chemdawg plant to harvest and I’ll be done for a little while.


How is that banana kush @ntmaremach? Was checking out that strain just today!


It’s attacking my other 3 now, Damn’t. There was going to be monster buds too


Starting week 3 since pistil-pop. Indoor/outdoor might not matter :thinking: :sunglasses:


I lost this big beautiful blueberry auto to bud rot at the end of July. It’s been a humid summer. I’m sticking to indoors from now on. Happy growing everyone


I actually do the same and have found thebsame issue with my grows some of yhe cola growth being so dense it started rotting deep in the middle :wink:


Bud rot everywhere. I just battle this bastard. Only cut one piece off and another. Such a pain.
Indoor escape will save us :smile:


I know the feeling @beginner2d! Humidity this year is out of control!


Nothing bad to say about it. Very sweet tasting and a powerful high. I did start three of the seeds and thought they were going to die but I was able to save them. Next grow of Banana kush I’ll be more careful starting them off. My intentions were to grow them in my ebb and flow hydroponic system but they ended up in soil. The info says that this strain does best with hydro. I’m sure I would of had better results if they were in the hydro. Just check out the description of this strain to make sure it’s for you and the way you grow.


Forgot this was a different thread, update! :slight_smile:

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