ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


Agreed. My delivery was in mid July in the midst of 99 degree days. I have a feeling that had a big influence.


I only planted 1 seed, and it germinated. I must’ve picked the right one.

Originally the BB was advertised as Bb#3, then it switched to Dr.Banner, and as of right now it’s labeled Bruce banner by Ilgm. Perhaps the creator of bb#3 reached out and asked this site to change their misleading adverstising. Which leads me to another point. Before I bought grandaddy purple seeds I sent an email, asking if the seeds were genuine seeds from ken Estes’ lab or an in house knock off. I never got an answer. Now the seeds are labeled as ilgm strain GDP.
I’m assuming all the seeds sold through this site are in house knock offs. Which, for the price, is disappointing.
That being said, I’ve been super happy with the genetics from everything I’ve grown from this site.


Probably wouldn’t sell as well if the name was “If you like Grandaddy Purple, You’ll Love Grandpappy Nurple!” LOL


Whatever…I just grew purple dog shit and everyone fights to get it…just sayin



I just checked up on your issue. As discussed with you we did send out replacements 6 months ago, that was the last communication I can find back but from this post on the forum I think I can assume you never received your replacements?
The best thing you can do is get in contact with our customer support about this so we can help you out. :slight_smile:


Just figured I’d give you guys an update (and boost votes LOL)
Just got pistils on Tuesday :wink: and she’s starting to smell super skunky
BotM Nov 2018:


Hey Stacy, no I received my replacements only a few days after I notified you guys, I was just meaning none of them germinated…and I’m good with that, I did a few clones off the ones that did…but thank you so very much! This is why I’ll always deal with Ilgm because of your awesome customer support!! Yall go well beyond what you have to to make sure we all get what we pay for!


@Whodat66 Always great support from ILGM . I had 3 different seeds that did not produce a tap root and are being replaced by ILGM as I type . If a seed does produce a tap root and fails to grow I figure that was something I screwed up and don’t ask for replacement . They asked what strains I had that failed so I’m assuming they are sending the same ones . It wouldn’t matter to me what seeds they sent . I’m happy .


I have a running tally of 5 seeds (out of 20) and have to wait until I know how many don’t crack before even worrying about it.

I am just wondering if they have to be the same strain.

To try something new, I might just say to heck with it, send me 5 “xxx” and we’ll call it good :wink:


I bought a new shirt I love it


Nice , I like that one . I was going to email ILGM to ask if I used my credit card would I need to notify my bank of a international charge . Did your shirt come from Amsterdam or USA ?


Overseas I believe


Thank you !


So many healthy and beautiful clones there…


Thank You @HvtAna1988


The look so perfectly borned direct from seed :heart_eyes:


Back to the BotM topic :wink: , reserve your votes now for the November winner! Nancy the Super-skunk is now entering pistil-week 2 and gaining ground!


Who else just started flowering? What’s the competition? How far behind am I?

Oh, is there an indoor and an outdoor winner, or do I need to go for quality over size :wink:


Well @Hogmaster going to attempt another scrog got two blue dream for under and one for the other tent

As you can see the training has already begun.


Love the bud development on that!

But I have a Chronic Widow outside that I think will give you a run for your money. :wink: