ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


That’s a beautiful sight so even and so many tops!


This is one of the reasons I took up this hobby. The street prices are insane for weed of questionable quality. I also hate the “hunt”. Since I took up smoking again after a 15 year hiatus, I’ve lost my reliable connections and searching for weed is just a chore. I just harvested and it’s nice to know that I’m set for a few months with a little to share with my friends.


I believe at least 1 was outdoor. Fish something or rather like that


Thanks for the answer @Dieselgrower, must have not been a very popular question lol…just wanted to know because it’s a lot easier to get a better looking bud inside than outside, at least has been my experience


There has been a few outdoor grows that have won. If you go back to the beginning of this thread you will see the pictures I posted from when the contest started in 2016 through Dec. of 2017. You can clearly see some are outdoors.


Dang now I have envy for your skills in cloning . I can’t seem to get it right and have never had a clone survive. Thats a beautiful grow brother


Thanks @ntmaremach


September bom is up and ready


Well, let you all be aware of the claim of @Whodat66, lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face::wink: :innocent::v::sunglasses:


With good care and good environmental, you’ll may be… @Whodat66


Gotta set goals :slight_smile:


I really like your attitude, bro…


I sincerely believe that with this drive, you’ll may achieve your goal, :grinning::sunglasses:


Sucks not being able to compete any more . On the up side this is how the lone Bruce Banner that germinated out of the winnings is doing @Hogmaster . Was there a issue with the genetics of those ? Only one seed germinated out of 5 and she has been needy plus it isn’t on the site anymore . Anywho this is the lone survivor


Very nice :+1:t2:


I was wondering about that. Ilgm used to have bb#3, and now it’s “Doctor banner”? Same strain different name?


They still have Dr. Banner ? I was looking the other day and didn’t see any . I get it though if I had paid for them and it not been for the bom contest I would have had to try and use the return policy . I would say it was my mistake except germination has never been a issue before . It is a shame it’s gone even being a bit harder to grow it has a smell that is making it worth the extra effort. Very very strong sweet citrus aroma


I had the same problem @Oldstoner, oreded 5 only 2 germinated and then zero on the replacements, have read this a few times on other forums also


When getting replacements, do you have to get the same strain, or can is just be the same price?


Unknown bud Those are the only seeds I had ever had a issue with . I have not used the return policy . No need to but that is just luck and the fact I still read and re read the grow bible every grow. I follow Roberts advice on germinating beans .