ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


this is what happened on our first day home for the Bluetick . And he is still super protective of her … None of the others just her and you can’t even play hard with her while he is out


Thanks. He’s quite the character.


Is the voting closed? I thought we had a day to go.


Oh my god! Over here at the ILGM office we have a white cat with grey patches who is missing the exact same leg! :joy: He’s a trooper.


Love this! Mind if we share this on social media in the future? Everyone loves cannapets. :wink:


The cannapets here would love it. lol


My Canna pets, Buzz is the black and white guy. He’s a pound puppy believed to be Irish Jack Russell and bull terrier mix. Woody is the tan and white. He is a full blooded English Jack Russell. He should have had the name buzz since he’s the one who loves to be near any marijuana being smoked. Woody is definitely a stoner pet. I enjoy seeing everyone’s Canna pets. :v:


Beautiful dogs! Oh how I love a hound dog :heart:️. I once had a bloodhound. She was a stubborn sweet heart.


Share away. That’s cool you all have a similar one. It hasn’t slowed ours down one bit.


Has there been any buds won the bom that were grew outdoors or have they all been indoors? Just curious


You share my cannapet anytime.


This one is the same . Just a bone head bluetick . I think they breed them to be O.C.D.


Well @Hogmaster I got no idea what it is going to smoke like but I have my run off at 6.3 . When I dug it up and brought it inside I washed the root ball in a 5 gallon bucket to get most of the ground soil out . It was a small root ball and I just rinsed it again in azos water and stuck it in ffof . Got the first full strength feeding so we will see if your right . It does look like when I finally trim it the new is looking better I was just a bit spooked to trim it as shocked as it has been . The is the ditch weed I rescued

it actually looks to be getting better to


@Oldstoner Happy 2nd Anniversary brother.


Happy anniversary @Oldstoner they are rocking out with there well you no


Aww i love dogs bro that just made my day


@ntmaremach and @Hogmaster thanks for the anniversary well wishes . Wow 2 years ago I started growing seems like I have been growing forever and not very long at the same time . I do know that I will never be able to buy street weed at those prices and that quality again . That means your 2nd just passed also @Hogmaster congrats brother


I’m the first 2 in a row now I don’t win :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I know the feeling. lol


My veg. room is now my flowering room and the rooms full of clones that are either Chemdawg or Banana Kush. I’m not sure which one is which but should be easy to tell later on. I haven’t started a journal on the clones but if I did I would of named it The Game of Clones.