ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


Our last adopted pooch, we made a 16 hour round-trip drive through a blizzard to bring her home.


This is Riley. Rescued from a dog fighting ring when he was 2. He is 8 now. The best, kindest dog I have ever known!



Love your dog @reglob, what a beauty


Thank you @Zombo. He is a joy


Mine is trained to protect, be my best friend and make sure nobody enters without my permission. lol


My names Ruger and this is where I can be found when I just want to take it easy.


good looking stock there @ntmaremach


Family picture, we recently lost the black and white girl. The youngster to the right is my sons… .


fine looking animal @Oldstoner


this guy here is my loyal subject…lol great pup,he can spread a bag of ocean forest nice and even in less than 2 minutes…lol


He looks very innocent. lol


We recently lost our cat so we went out and adopted another. You can see how well they get along. That darn cat will jump on the dogs head biting at his cheeks.


he tells me exactly what is going on out side…so that is good. i’m sure in time of need he will bite me…
but yea,he is a ham.
yea,our cat and dog play as well…the cat is the instigator


i’m more worried about this guy biting someone than the dog… no non-sense


I only got a 3 legged cat lol. But he’s still fast enough to catch any bugs that make it inside… except spiders. He just follows them so I know there’s something to kill.

Here’s when we adopted him.

Here he is now.


That cat should be careful! Lol… @ntmaremach


The cats been neutered but still has bigger ones than me. lol


100% Stoner! Cat Lover :star_struck:


He is gorgeous @DoobieNoobie