ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


Someday I will try a plant outside. Looks great, I love cherry pie. lol


Me 3 buddy lol


I think I just found my press. Thank you, @Hogmaster. I was looking at the rosineer on amazon previously and was about to pull the trigger. I think you just pulled it for me lol.


@Hogmaster thanks bud . I only use my rain barrel for the vegetable garden but was thinking if the rain was that low thats what she has been getting. To be honest I had almost forgot it was there ,I knew the other 3 had been torn up by animals and thought this was gone also. Sorry to take so long to answer and being absent from the forum so much lately . My heart has been acting up along with the doc telling me my back is running out of time on the surgery being optional . I already have 3 blue dream in the ground to make canna caps out of . Those are the way to go for me and edibles . Don’t think I will ever give up smoking but those at least don’t have that decarbed flavor lol


@Oldstoner You should look into the coconut oil we make it lubricants your hole body it’s strong stuff I would say my cookies are 5000 mg each


@Hogmaster I did try it and Im not sure what I am doing wrong , it is plenty strong enough but the only food I can make and it not taste awful is a basil garlic pesto . But on the up side my pasta will eff you up


Okay @ntmaremach color me stupid but what the hell is a yoyo used for do they support the weight of the heavy buds ? If so how much better are they then string to the cross bars with a 6oz sinker to keep it tight


Oh and another thing . We got another member of the pack . I guess that I need to stop saying no more animals because I simply can not say no to certain situations.
This little guy was left in a box with 5 other puppies on the side of the road at a 4 way stop sign covered in fleas and ticks under weight and malnourished. He had 8 more hours at a animal control high kill shelter all the other pups had the Sheppard dominant look ( they are Lab Sheppard mixed ) and I like a moron jumped in the car with my kid and drove a state away to adopt another damn dog for empty the shelters week . Meet Hector everyone my new pal


Your a good guy @Oldstoner , he looks like a great dog!.. good luck


He is a very good puppy bud thanks . As far as good guy … well thats still up in the air . He is 95 mph everywhere right now and the rest pf my herd is going whats up with that dad? They are finding thier balance though


That’s quite the pack @Oldstoner


All the way from the corgy at 30 lbs to the sheppard at 110 . Yep my house gives burglars nightmares. This guy rules the roost

he is my boy and the smartest dog I have ever had


Good lookin pup @Oldstoner You have got quite a pack . Where do you sit ?


I’m so jealous good man


I really like you, @oldstoner. I don’t know you, but your post tells me all I need to know.


Still, that set up is sweet. I ran 4 girls in my 5x5 flower space and they were fighting for room to breath by the end of flower. I ended up having to defoliate more than I would like but it still came out bountiful in the end.


Thank you @blackthumbbetty but it is truly a family effort and when one isn’t even getting a chance at a life we always seem to find the room for another . I just have a real difficult time walking away from something helpless that returns a small amout of effort with a life of loving you .


@Seeddog in the middle of the pile or the rocker


That’s why I have 5 cats & 2 dogs…and have been forbidden from mentioning adoption for several years.


Bwahahaha yep I was strictly cut off from shelter visits also @blackthumbbetty then a girl who works with my wife told Her about Hector only having the next day . She came home telling me how he was the only one that looked like a lab and the Sheppard dominant look all got snatched up . When I told her he would probably be adopted tomorrow she slapped me on the shoulder and informed to stop being smug and go get the puppy in the morning. Lol like I said a family effort